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  • The Global Talent Hunt and Brain Drain
    The Global Talent Hunt and Brain Drain There is obviously a war on for talent and sooner or later this will ultimately affect the way organizations attract, develop and retain talent and they need to understand and strategize on the right steps to take to hold on to the value that the right talent provides to their businesses. Nneka Idam; Human Resources Business Partner SSA & Emerging Markets, ACCA discusses this topic
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  • Getting Ready for Fintech
    Getting Ready for Fintech Financial technology (fintech) is an emerging financial services sector in the 21st century that is rapidly shaking up the world of financial services. In recent times, technology and finance have combined seamlessly and this does not only affect the financial services industry but also highlights the need for professional accountants who possess the skill and understand the transformative power of fintech. The expert guest on this episode is Aderinola Oloruntoye Solution Manager, Innovation & Business Analytics, SAP West Africa.
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  • CSR and its Impact on Nigerian Businesses
    CSR and its Impact on Nigerian Businesses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a vehicle that organizations utilize to give back to society. Adekanla “Ade” Adegoke, Head, Oando Foundation provides expert insight into the concept of CSR.
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  • Generation Z: Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs
    Generation Z: Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Generation Z is a term used to describe post-millennials, people born from 1995 and while they may seem like babies to the rest of us, they are the next generation of employees, customers and influencers and it is important to start to identify their demands and how to engage them. This episode's guest is Femi Awobokun, a young entrepreneur - Lead Photographer, Caution Pictures and the Co-founder of TheSelfiebox Ng.
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  • Seeking Sustainable Development
    Seeking Sustainable Development This episode discusses sustainability and guests provided expert insight on the topic and highlighted how sustainable development is a strategic pillar for maintaining corporate growth. They are Kaidi Eddie-Obiakor, Lead Consultant, Diigem Sustainability Consulting Ltd and Babatunde Oladosun, a corporate finance analyst and co-founder of Edubridge Academy.
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  • Creating a Service Culture
    Creating a Service Culture A common perception is that all businesses providing service to a customer must have a customer service culture, but this is not entirely true, especially in Nigeria. Even though all companies have customers, some companies focus more on their customer than others. A service culture exists when a company's efforts are centered on the customer and employees are motivated to take a customer-centric approach to their regular duties and work activities. This episode is focused on understanding the power of the ‘Service Culture’ and the rewards it can bring to businesses in terms of customer retention, loyalty and ultimately, profit.
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  • The Evolution of the CFO
    The Evolution of the CFO The transition of CFOs from financial controllers to broad business strategists is helping companies to thrive in today’s climate of disruptive change. With the advancement of new technologies, a new generation of employees and changing business models, CFOs are contributing positively to business success. Factors like globalization, regulation, technology, strategy and reporting amongst others directly affect the role of the CFO and has profound implications for the accounting profession but in Nigeria and globally as well as the skills that they will need to evolve in new directions in the future. This episode focused on the changing role or the CFO and how this is affecting businesses now and in the future. Our guest - Kola Agunbiade, FCCA, CFO Internet Solutions (IS).
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  • Drivers for Change in the Public Sector
    Drivers for Change in the Public Sector ACCA conducted a research last year titled Professional Accountant – The Future which looked at the skills and knowledge required for accountants in the future and also identified the drivers for change which would necessitate these skills. A follow-up report which focuses exclusively on identifying the key factors that will change in the public sector and assess how they will shape the future; has been launched. The report titled 50 drivers of change in the public sector takes a close look at the main changes facing the public sector in the decade ahead; and today’s show with Jane Ohadike, Head of Policy, Sub-Saharan Africa at ACCA will be focused on discussing this.
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  • Striking the Balance Bewteen Working & Studying
    Striking the Balance Bewteen Working & Studying Continuing education discussions with Juwah Chukwujindu an Associate at KPMG Professional Services and top candidate in the last ACCA exams and Jude Efuribe, Chairman, Synergy Professionals ACCA’s first Platinum Approved Learning Partners in Nigeria.
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  • Growing Financially in 2017
    Growing Financially in 2017 This episode features discussions with business growth expert Tale Alimi, CEO / Lead coach Tale Alimi Global and Sola Adesakin, finance coach and Managing Partner BookSmart Solutions Ltd, who is also an ACCA member. Both accomplished authors and finance experts.
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