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The Myths Associated With ADHD Signs

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Children are usually known to be distracted, restless and spontaneous. Even so, if you find that your child is going overboard with these mannerisms, may be you should get them tested for ADHD. However, before that is done, you must know about all the myths associated with the ADHD signs. Watch this video to discover the correct ADHD signs, the myths and what exactly should you do once your child is diagnosed with ADHD.

ADHD Signs:

There are primarily three signs of ADHD. They are:

1. Impulsiveness - Children who are very impulsive may be showing a sign of ADHD. If your child finds it difficult to wait for their turn, is talking without reason, is interrupting situations or always drawing impractical conclusions, they may be showing an ADHD sign.

2. Hyperactivity - This is the most common and noticeable ADHD sign. However, since most children are naturally over-active, it becomes difficult at times to distinguish between the normal and the ADHD affected children. So you have to be very observant and if you see that their behavior or actions are out of control, getting them checked for ADHD will be a good idea.

3. Inattentiveness - Children who do not follow instructions, cannot pay attention and are always daydreaming may be displaying signs of ADHD. This is a difficult ADHD-sign to understand, as children showing this symptom usually sit in one place and do not disrupt others. However, this can be a very dangerous ADHD sign and so you must tackle it with care.

Now that you know about the basic ADHD signs, it is important to dismiss the myths about the same. Here are the common myths associated with ADHD signs:

* Every child affected with ADHD is hyperactive - There is very little truth in this statement. Hyperactivity is only one sign of ADHD and children may or may not show it at all.

* It is impossible for ADHD children to be attentive - This is another myth. Children with ADHD can concentrate if they are interested in the topic. However, they can almost never concentrate if the topic is boring or monotonous.

* They behave badly on purpose - This is perhaps the biggest myth! ADHD is a mental disorder, caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. As a result, the patients have no control over their behavior and do not do anything on purpose.

It is important for you to know the correct ADHD signs and not harbor any false ideas related to it. Only then can you help your child in the treatment of ADHD.

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