Signs Of ADHD - Symptoms Of ADHD
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The Most Evident Signs of ADHD

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ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a very common mental disorder and it is caused mainly by chemical imbalances in the brain. There are some very obvious signs of ADHD, but one has to be very careful while diagnosing the disorder. This is because a lot of times, the signs are confused and a healthy person is also administered ADHD drugs. Watch this video to know the correct ADHD signs.

Signs of ADHD in children:

Children who suffer from ADHD usually have:

1. Hyperactivity - The children showing signs of hyperactivity are usually extremely fidgety, restless and find it very difficult to stay in one place. They are always running around, get out of their places and walk around. Their energy levels are very high and so they seldom tire out of exhaustion.

2. Inattentiveness - This is another sign of ADHD. Children suffering from this condition are on a whole very inattentive and can very rarely concentrate on what is being told to them. It's not that they do it on purpose, but they simply find it impossible to pay attention. If the topic is interesting, they may still be able to concentrate a little, but when it is boring or repetitive, the task becomes unfeasible.

3. Impulsiveness - Impulsiveness is another very evident sign of ADHD. The affected children have no control over their action and hence end up doing things like shouting, laughing and blurting out insignificant comments at the wrong time. They also have difficulty in waiting for their turns and get very impatient if made to wait.

Adults who have ADHD usually have:

1. Inattentiveness - Inattention is common in children and adults. Adults affected by ADHD suddenly lose track of conversations, and also find it difficult to remember due to lack of concentration.

2. Social discord - Social discord is a very common sign of ADHD. Adults who suffer from the disorder cannot maintain proper personal relationships and end up getting divorced or separated. They also find it difficult to keep jobs and other social contacts.

3. Substance abuse - ADHD affected adults are usually addicted to harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol and even chemical drugs.

So decode the signs of ADHD and find a proper remedy for the disorder. It is not an impossible task and the sooner it is done, the better it is for the patient and their near and dear ones.

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