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  • Indiana Jones As You Watch
    Indiana Jones As You Watch It's been quite a long time but we are BACK with a brand new episode. Our featured franchise this week involves the famed archeologist Indiana Jones. The man who hates snakes, loathes Nazis and has a soft spot for the ladies. LISTEN to Nick, Vern and Heather discuss each film in this very fun episode. Also on tap Reviews of It Follows The Imitation Game
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  • The Godfather  Saga
    The Godfather Saga On today’s show. Joe, Heather and Vern are joined by special guest Nick Rehak of The French Toast Sunday Podcast to talk about The Godfather Trilogy. Three …errr…..ummmm.. I mean two of the greatest films of all time get discussed in this very fun and exciting episode. Included are Vern’s inability to say the name Corleone and Heather’s request to spank Sofia Coppola. Also on Tap. Reviews of Jupiter Ascending Song of The Sea Inherent Vice The Interview. Plus A new Battle of Wits game
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  • Welcome To The Jurassic Park Episode
    Welcome To The Jurassic Park Episode Hosts Heather and The Vern are joined by Sofia of Film Flare and Across The Universe(The Chicks With Accent’s Podcast) to talk about Dinosaurs and the people who clone them. That’s right we are heading to Jurassic Park and covering each film in this trilogy. Sorry we are not talking about Jurassic World because it’s not out, and we don’t wanna make predictions. Also on Tap. Reviews of Nightcrawler Focus Open Windows
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  • The Die Hard episode
    The Die Hard episode Mark your calenders folks because this is the first time that all four hosts have appeared together on the same show. Nick, Joe, Vern, Heather and Jeremy are joined by guests DJ Valentine and Matthew Stewart of The Simplistic Reviews Podcast. Their mission is to talk about the adventures of Mr. John McClane as they discuss all five Die Hard Movies. They all gush over their love of the first film but the show gets really good when they talk about the later sequels.
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  • Interview with cast of Space Janitors
    Interview with cast of Space Janitors We invite you to listen to this very fun interview The Vern had with the writers and performers of a very funny web series called Space Janitors. It all takes place aboard an evil space vessel and the custodial team that helps keep it clean. On the show were Andy Hull(@andyhullbone), Tess Degenstein(@TessDegenstein), Scott Yamamura(@ScottYamamura) and Evany Rosen(@evanyrosen). With a cameo appearance from series creator Davin Lengyel and clips from the show.
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  • Home Alone Episode
    Home Alone Episode On this holiday episode of As You Watch. Joe, Vern and new co-host Jeremy Busch discuss all five films in the Home Alone franchise. That last line was not a typo. There are five films in this series and our hosts discuss the good and the bad of each one. Mainly the bad on the later ones. This was a very fun episode to record and we hope you enjoy listening. Merry Christmas every body.
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  • Men in Black
    Men in Black Get out your Rayban Sunglasses because you don't want to be neuralized after hearing this episode folks. Joe and Vern are visited by their former co host Bubbawheat of Flights Tights and Movie Nights and FilmWhys podcast to talk about the Sci-Fi Comedy series Men in Black.
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  • The Mighty Ducks
    The Mighty Ducks Get ready to quack with Joe, Nick, and Vern as they look back at the 90's family sports franchise. The Mighty Ducks. The guys review each film in the trilogy and discuss it's charms as well as it's faults.
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  • Scream episode
    Scream episode It's been a while but we are back with a brand new season of The As You Watch Podcast. For the next several episodes. Nick, Joe and Vern will be discussing a different movie franchises. For their first episode being so close to Halloween. They thought a good franchise would be a horror series that helped relaunch the genre back in the mid 90's. Wes Craven's meta horror satire Scream. Join Vern Joe and special guest Jason Soto of Your Face (no Nick this round) as they discuss all four movies in this series.
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  • SNL Episode
    SNL Episode Joe, Nick and The Vern are saying their farewells to you all this week with the final episode of season 3. They are going back to their basics with just the three of them and no guest. Vern was also a bit lazy in editing ,so the show will be somewhat live. This makes sense because the topic this week is Best Movies From Past Cast Members. There were tons of cast members to choose from, but they each only chose three. It was a lot of fun to record, and we hope you enjoy listening to it.
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