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  • When She Calls -  (Ase Remastered)
    When She Calls - (Ase Remastered) Suicide is real!! Life is a twist... There's gotta be more then just this! We Continue Growing... One Day At’a Time!
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  • C U When I Get There (Ase Remastered)
    C U When I Get There (Ase Remastered) (March 25, 1952 - April 11, 2008) To my Mother (The Dukes) "Shirrr", my Son Darius... I Love you!! An to my brothers Marcus & Seth, that rocket-fuel Mother of ours left me down here to burn-the-fuckout! Although truly sad & depressed at times I'll find a laugh & smile.. Lol Oh well "Olivia" Its better to burnout then to fade the hell away! I Will See You All When I Get To The Place Called There...Yeah!!! HA!! BANG!!!!!!! #KillahPriest♬
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  • You Don't Have To Hurt No More - (Ase Remastered)
    You Don't Have To Hurt No More - (Ase Remastered) Another from the Heart & Soul of playin' the drums and keys... I Used to really feel this way about all that love stuff lol! Somewhere the heart died or glace'd on ice! Here's to good o' love music of some of my times. Ayyy!! #MintCondition pic from (97’)
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  • The Never That You'll Never Know - (Ase Remasterd)
    The Never That You'll Never Know - (Ase Remasterd) My Heart & Soul on this here!!! This is for all the lovely ladies close to me! An you's already know about the "What If & What Could've Been" Factor... I Love All Of You!!! I Guess we'll never know... (2012) Pic! #MintCondition
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  • Tall  -  (Ase Remastered)
    Tall - (Ase Remastered) The new sound-wave of Hip-Hop is ever-changing, so I embrace the "NOW" state of hip-hop music! This track puts me in'a different state of mind... it's like the hell wit'it all, shit "WE" TALL!! #SahBabii Lol Damn...Pic from 09' An Still...IROCKK ✌
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  • Tonight - (Ase Remastered)
    Tonight - (Ase Remastered) Pic back when I was 25-26! Another one for my "YG's /New G's For me its all about the sound that drops down baby! It's about the "MUZIK" ♫ All about that "BEAT" Mang!! ♬ #SahBabii #OneLove⛿
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  • Boyfriend - (Ase Remastered)
    Boyfriend - (Ase Remastered) Pic from when I was 25-26 lol
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  • Cinematic - (Ase Remastered)
    Cinematic - (Ase Remastered) My life feels like this track, it's all cinematic shit... Dramatic cinema... Pic from (2003) All I have is my jersey from the practice squad, never got the chance to make it!! Smdh!! I believe/guess, it was God’s will!?!?
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  • RUN - (Ase Remastered)
    RUN - (Ase Remastered) Ha'haaaa!! Yeah man, we were bang'in this on recon rollin' through Indianapolis heading to KC! Back in the beginning of Y2K's #USMC4Life
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  • Only One Way Up - (Ase Remastered)
    Only One Way Up - (Ase Remastered) (2003) Lol My long hair dayz! “Michael Vick braids” Those trying out for #NFL teams dayz!! Special thanks to my beloved Steelers, Eagles, Browns and oh yeah Cowboys! As I’ve grown older, I have become a wealth of knowledge & wisdom especially with music and sound, the beat has a ZZ Top feel to the track.. “Legs” (1983) And Styx (1977) “Castle Walls” Only children of the 70s and 80s Etc. would understand where I’m coming from... Lol! Another pic from my "Kell's" braids-dayzI Guess I just have the perfect connections with ppl. because i have someone bless mke with the first official Jim Jones studio album a year early before it;s release date of (2004) Ha! I Had the album in (2003) An Ppl would ask me "Yo! Ase, Who That!" An I ain't said shit! LMFAO!!! #CamRon & #JuelzSantana
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