After traveling through the dark forests and on the wild rivers of Sweden, drinking expensive beer and cheap bourbon, eating moose's meat and purple mushrooms, coping with crack-addicted fairies, the two of us,(Pao Bad Voice Boy: percussions, kazoo, guitar, voice & farting. Pox Broken Fingers Smith: guitar, voice, percussions, maracas & burping), in a yellow rush of psychotic confusion, met a sorcerer in the middle of nowhere, who told us that we have to form a rock n' roll band, a goddamn duo, mysteriously called The Bloody Målmør. We went back home and did it. The first sessions gave birth to long and extremely psychedelic jams, but, after a while, some songs, influenced by Mississippi blues and sixties obscure psych-garage bands, began to make some sense. Nowadays The Bloody Målmør have a big range of songs. We are just waiting for some crazy mind who wants to record them. But remeber: we don't write our songs, no, the songs seem to appear during our wet dreams and, especially, during our nightmares. And don't forget: we play loud 'cause we are unable to play. We scream 'cause we are unable to sing. We play hard 'cause we are The Bloody Målmør, which means, in an ancient swedish language, spoken over 1000 years ago by the Vikings and, even before, by the celts, it means.....we really don't know its meaning, sorry.

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