BlindFold is an alternative/punk rock band from Melbourne, Australia. BlindFold is made up of Alan T (Vocals), Declan L-B (Guitar), Kevin T (Bass/Vocals), Jason H (Guitar) and Sagar I (Drums). In 2012, they released their debut EP and will play many shows in support of the release!

Bandblindfold`s Uploads

  • Denigrate
    Denigrate "Denigrate" was written by the bands new Guitarist, as a message of sustain against those who unfairly judge, accuse and ridicule.
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  • You Could Follow
    You Could Follow "You Could Follow" was written by the Lead Vocalist, as a reminder of the path's and opportunities available with ever closing relationship, that one is never debased.
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  • Chicago
    Chicago "Chicago" was written as the first song Blindfold composed with their Lead Vocalist. It depicts a message of freedom (who'd have guessed?) from responsibility and work. As a free entity, ensuing youth.
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  • Six Star Saturday
    Six Star Saturday "Six Star Saturday" was written by the Bassist as a message to an acquainted partner, however future events spun the concept into a new direction.
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