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  • Desiring the Beatific Vision
    Desiring the Beatific Vision In this 6/5/16 sermon, Michael Gowens highlights Moses's daring request in Exodus 33:18: "I beseech thee, Show me thy glory." This request captures the deepest yearning of the regenerate heart -- the longing to see the face of God...to know Him immediately and completely. Such a desire for God himself, not for His gifts, is a mark of spiritual maturity.
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  • Spiritual Memorials
    Spiritual Memorials Taking his text from Joshua 4:1-11, Pastor Gowens explores three different types of what he calls "spiritual" memorials: (1) A Memorial to God's Gift of Salvation; (2) A Memorial of Christian Devotion; (3) Memorials to the Providence of God in our lives now. This message was delivered on 5/29/16 to the congregation of Bethel PBC, Calabash, NC.
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  • Our Sufficiency in Christ
    Our Sufficiency in Christ This 5/15/16 message by Elder Michael Gowens is based on Colossians 2:8-10. In a day when many suggest that the old gospel needs to be updated and supplemented with modern insights and advances, Paul reminds us that we are complete in Christ.
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  • David's Heart of Integrity
    David's Heart of Integrity This 5/1/16 message by Elder Mike Gowens focuses on Psalm 78:70-72 and the priority of the heart in leadership and discipleship. God places a premium on a heart of integrity. The most striking characteristic of David's life was a heart that beat in rhythm with the heart of God.
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  • The Triad of Christian Graces
    The Triad of Christian Graces This message by Michael L. Gowens, delivered on 4/17/16, challenges the "performance trap" in popular religion. It is based on 1 Corinthians 13:13: "And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity." Elder Gowens contrasts the spiritual gifts that "cease" (v. 8) with these spiritual graces that "abide" (or remain). This trio of virtues, more than anything else, define authentic Christianity.
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  • No Other Name
    No Other Name This 4/24/16 message by Elder Michael Gowens is based on Acts 4:12. Pastor Gowens connects this text to the narrative of the healing of the lame man at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple in Acts 3, showing that the Lord Jesus Christ is still in the business of changing lives.
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  • Revelation: Seeing the Big Picture
    Revelation: Seeing the Big Picture Returning once more to the book of Revelation, Michael Gowens offers an overview of this final book in the Biblical canon. Christian people do not have to be skeptical or suspicious of Revelation. In fact, a grasp of the big ideas in this book will prove to be an encouragement to battle-weary believers in this world. This sermon was preached on 4/10/16.
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  • Heaven's Library
    Heaven's Library In this 4/3/16 message, Elder Gowens examines five "books" mentioned in the book of Revelation, discussing the meaning and signficance of each: The Lamb's Book of Life, the books of judgment, the book of the living, the book of history, and the little, open book of Holy Scripture.
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  • A Resurrection Gospel
    A Resurrection Gospel On Easter Sunday 2016, Pastor Gowens employed three post-resurrection appearances of the risen Christ, as recorded in John 20, to teach the contemporary relevance of the doctrine of the resurrection to believers now. It is because of the empty tomb alone that we have a message of good news.
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  • Trusting God in the Dark
    Trusting God in the Dark Elder Michael Gowens delivered this message on 3/20/16. It is based on the text in Isaiah 50:10-11 in which the prophet addresses the perplexing experience of a child of light walking in darkness. Here is counsel and comfort to people who may find themselves passing through a season of dark and unfriendly circumstances.
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