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  • In My Heart Ft. Jai
    In My Heart Ft. Jai Dedicated To My Bestfriend. She was there for me, everytime I was losing faith. She cares about me, even though I didn't want her too. I let her down so many times but she never gave up on me. That's why I love her for who she is. That's why I love her for everything. I want to return everything back that you helped me through...BESTIE.
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  • What You Don't Know
    What You Don't Know If you don't show a bit of love' I ain't staying. #Respect
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  • The Lights
    The Lights Lights Above Will Guide You Child.
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  • I'm Free Ft. Snipzo
    I'm Free Ft. Snipzo You Was Never Trapped. Think Again'Your Free.
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