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  • Heartfulness Meditation (10 minutes)
    Heartfulness Meditation (10 minutes) Inclining our minds toward kindness brings unexpected rewards, both for ourselves and those around us. This practice infuses ease, kindness and acceptance into our daily lives, improving our health, happiness and relationships.
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  •  10 Minute Breathing
    10 Minute Breathing Short guided mindfulness of breathing meditation - perfect for high school students beginning to develop their own practice.
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  • Four Minute Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation
    Four Minute Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation Although no substitute for a longer sit, when practiced regularly, this "crunch" practice can really hit the spot, mindfully speaking. :)
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  • Loving~Kindness Meditation
    Loving~Kindness Meditation The intention of this practice is to cultivate an open-hearted friendliness toward ourselves and others. In practicing, you are setting an intention to nurture the loving-kindness that already exists within you, while being aware and accepting of whatever is present in the senses, thoughts or emotions (as always, refraining from judgment whenever possible). By practicing this meditation, you are becoming more familiar with this quality so that it is easier to recognize when it arises spontaneously in your practice so that it is more available to you in daily life. The phrases offered in this recording are some of many possible phrases that can be used. If any do not suit you, feel free to use your own phrases instead.
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  • Expanding Awareness Meditation
    Expanding Awareness Meditation In your formal sitting meditation practice, you are intentionally bringing yourself into a direct and intimate relationship with the present moment - with an intention of noticing what arises for you without judging your experience. When practicing expanding awareness, we have the opportunity to explore body sensations, sounds, thoughts, emotions and - when you are ready - to open to all of these - to the full range of events within and without as they move and change, appear and disappear in awareness. You are taking the time to become familiar with who you are, beyond all of the wanting and having and doing.... It is helpful to bring a kindness and a care to this practice, not moving into or leaning away from anything, simply present with and open to what is happening now....
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  • Mindful Floor Yoga
    Mindful Floor Yoga This program of gentle yoga is an invitation to enter more deeply into the life of the body, to pay attention, moment to moment, to the sensations, thoughts and feelings that arise in your awareness while in motion. As best you can, try to enter into the experience of the body as deeply as is possible for you right now.... without judging. This practice is about neither performing nor perfecting, but rather connecting to and getting to better know the body.
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  • Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation
    Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation Mindfulness Week 2 Home Practice: This foundational meditation, when practiced consistently, leads to a steadier, more focused mind. This meditation can be done sitting on a chair or a meditation cushion or bench. It is important to maintain a relaxed, upright posture while attending to the breath.
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  • Body Scan Meditation
    Body Scan Meditation Mindfulness Week 1 Home Practice: The body scan helps us become more conscious of our emotions and thoughts as they play out through sensations in the body. This meditation can be done sitting on a chair or lying down on the floor or a bed (although awareness, rather than relaxation is the goal here)
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