Brandon Robinson was born in Frederick MD during December of 1991. He began to play guitar at the age of 5 and taught himself how tpo play drums at the age of 13. In his youth he began to develop a lifelong obsession with The Beatles and it was because of their music that he began singing and writing music when he was a junior in high school. The habit of writing music was a slow burning fire. He would often stay up late in his bedroom recording songs as quiet as he could possibly be because he wasn't yet confident in singing nor songwriting. It wasn't until years later he would build up the confidence to play his songs in front of small audiences of family and friends, and it was then that he began to get serious with the concept of songwriting as a career. At the age of 19 Robinson packed up and moved to Bronx, NY to attend college at CUNY Lehman university. During his stay there songs such as "Give yourself away" "Walk away" and many others began to develop, often recorded onto his computer or a cheap tape recorder. Shortly after moving back to Maryland, Brandon was battling with addiction and the death of his girlfriend of whom he dated for 4 years. Robinson began recording and writing "Home recordings" during the month of July, 2013. Among many of his musical inspirations are "The Beatles" "Daniel Johnston" "Neutral Milk Hotel" and "The Violent Femmes" His favorite styles of music range from folk to indie rock to just plain acoustic. It was said in an interview that he absolutely despises most modern day mainstream music as he was quoted in a Playboy interview saying "I piss on it.. I piss on it all" sparking controversy nationwide. In July of 2013 riots fell upon the streets of western America after he stated in an interview that "Christianity will vanish, Brandon Robinson's music means more to kids than Jesus does" creating fury among parents of young fans. These events lead to the infamous burnings of copies of his first album "Home Recordings" The album is currently in the works and he plans to continue with his solo music.

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Hello world. I'm sure if you're reading this you have probably already listened to one or two of my poorly recorded compositions. My Name is Brandon S. Robinson, and I am a 21 year old musician who was born and raised in Maryland but currently lives in the city of New York. I've collected a decent number of songs throughout the years and decided to record and produce an album, whether or not it has less than efficient quality. Unfortunately, I'm very broke and only have a laptop and audacity to record with. I plan to drop it all onto an album so if one day I end up in a recording studio I have it all mapped out and ready to go. I can't really categorize the style of music I play so I'm just going to call it experimental. If I could call it anything I would say it sounds a little bit like The Beatles meet Daniel Johnston meets Neutral Milk Hotel meets The Velvet Underground. I am a fan of folk, rock, indie, folkpunk, ska, raggae, and jazz, and I try to incorporate all of those styles into one huge mess of sound. I like to make my songs as fun as possible, and I always try my best to make them catchy so that they get branded into your mind with no way of getting out. My voice can be quite soothing so I try not to add too much yelling or angst in fear of ruining it. I have a few sad songs for I am a very depressed soul. Even though my songs can sound quite cheery i tend to add some seriously dark lyrics to balance it out. I'm not a poet, really, I'm not. I try to be sometimes but usually I just end up singing whatever comes out, so if some of my songs don't follow a pattern don't try looking to deep into the point, but if you want you can pick each lyric apart, because, who knows, it might mean something. Out of all of my songs on "Home Recordings" album (i know what a creative name for my first album) I would say my favorites are "Caving in" and "Give yourself away"

I spend most of my days sitting at the edge of bed with my guitar in my lap and my keyboard turned on and ready to go next to me. Each song usually takes about 5 hours to put together. I don't have much experience in being a producer therefor I like to think i'm learning something every time I finish up a new song. If you like my music then I would suggest you comment on my youtube videos and maybe tell your friends about me? It's the most I can ask for, and i won't forget to mention that I do not charge for my music (yet) and that all of them are available to download on this site. If you like my music and want to get to know me personally just give me a message on my facebook link listed above. I would love to meet you.

Brandon S. Robinson

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