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  • locusts? I think this is locusts but I'm not sure.
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  • Is that a Duck or a CatBird? I can't tell. I know the Catbird is in the mocking bird family but a duck? Can they do that? I can't see the bird as I am totally blind but I could certainly hear it. This was recorded at about 1 in the afternoon in New Florence, Pennsylvania. Gear used, Roland CS-10EM, Olympus LS-7, and Audacity. For the best listening experience, headphones are recommended but certainly not required.
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  • what kind of bird is this? I'm being told it's a gray catbird. The sound is more of that of a protesting robben. this was heard in the early morning hours just before the sun rose. it was about 6 or so in the morning.
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  • Can Somebody ID this bird? I have no idea what kind of bird this is. Sounds so cool yet I can find nothing about it on the net. No idea what kind it is. No bird comes close to it's sound.
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  • Trenton Volmet recorded 04-27-2018 at 00200 UTC Trenton Volmet 00200 UTC recorded 04-27-2018 on a PL660 and with an Olympus LS-7
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  • night birds
    night birds Nightbirds. This is something I recorded at my home actually from my bedroom window. This was recorded in 3d Binaural Audio. The gear I used was the Roland CS-10EM, Olympus LS-7, and was edited in WavePad.
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