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Cornelious "CM3" Martin III is a Odessa,TX recording artist/songwriter he is the CEO of Texas Swagg Entertainment he was also the Owner, Founder & CEO Of two other labels called "Playa-4-Life Entertainment" & "Chase Tha Paper Entertainment" the reason he disbanded those two labels was because the names didn't fit him or his artist so one day he was writing a song called "Swagged Up" and used this line "Bitch i got texas swagg cuz imma texas niggga" he took Texas Swagg and added Entertainment to the end and came up with his new label "Texas Swagg Entertainment" he started writing & recording music professionally at the age of twelve when he was just seventeen he dropped his first mixtape called "All Night In Tha Lab" on January 1, 2001 over the years he dropped songs here and there he stopped making music for 3 years to focus on his daughter Eliana Jaslene Martin he returned to music in September 15, 2010 six days before his 21st birthday he dropped a banger called "Jump Back On It" On June 27th, 2011 he left made entertainment music group because people didn't put in work after he left made entertainment he was signed to hustle house entertainment for three months then left because he didn't like what they were doing after hustle house entertainment he was signed to Swagg Money Entertainment he stayed signed with them for eight months. after eight months he decided it was best he do music on his own and have his own label so the whole 2012 year he wrote songs and perfected his writing craft delivery and updated his vocabulary in 2013 he released his 2nd mixtape called "Rap Game Bruce Lee " and had another child on December 4, 2013 his son Jayceon Lekendre Johnson was born so he started working twice as hard dropping songs everyday he was already working hard but as soon as he had his son he went into overdrive to give his kids everything and more people tell him he should stop rapping because he suck at so over the years he progressed himself and turned into a beast on the microphone his style is different he makes music for the ladies clubs streets families & weird music he is not like everybody else "while everybody else raps about drugs money and gunz he raps about being happy and stuff" now in 2014 he is working on an EP & Mixtape i asked him why he does music when i interviewed him at his home in Odessa, TX he said this and i quote "I do music simply because i love it and for my family my mother my brother my grandmother my daughter eliana my son jayceon and my whole family on both sides my mom and dad sides and because god gave me the talent" i also asked him "What did you think of people telling you to stop making music and telling peple to stop messing with you on music?" He said and i quote "I don't give a fuck what anybody thinks about my music and i don't care who gets on a track with me or don't the only and i mean only person that can take away my gift is our lord Jesus Christ because he is the one that gave it to me in the beginning and as far as them telling me to stop the only time i will ever stop making music is when I'm dead and gone" follow him on Twitter @CM3Music www.Reverbnation.com/cm3music432 www.YouTube.com/mryoungneil www.Facebook.com/swaggastyleent www.Bandcamp.com/cm3music432 www.Facebook.com/texasswaggent http://www.neilmartin819.wix.com/cm3music

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