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Defense against a rear two handed shoulder grab
Step back to 4:30 with left leg into a transitionary Front Twist facing 10:30 and immediately unwind counter clockwise into attacker while doing a left upward Back Knuckle to attackers tricep that turns it into a left Outward Extended Block to move attackers arms to your left.
Technique Flow
Left hand grabs attackers upper left arm as you do a right Inward Elbow to their floating ribs.
Technique Flow
Shield & Sword
Crossing Talons (left side)
Gripping Talon
Tripping Arrow takedown (left side)
Left hand grab is replaced by your right hand which grabs and pushes attackers left arm as your left foot steps into attacker (into a Horse Stance to keep your center line closed) while you do a Inward Elbow to attackers solar plexus.
Technique Flow
Right knee to thigh and Crossing Talons left side.
Main Power Principle

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