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Marketing Research Methods(MKTG618-1803B-01)
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My Grade Overview

Current Grade: A- (93.41%)

Assignments Graded: 9 of 11

Last Date of Attendance: 9/13/18 , 1 day(s) ago

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Due Date


Points Earned

Points Possible



My Work

Unit 1 - Discussion Board
Fri, 8/17/18
A (100 %) 10.00 10
Discussion Board Discussion Board

Unit 1 - Discussion Board 2
Tue, 8/21/18
A (94.67 %) 71.00 75
Discussion Board Discussion Board

Unit 1 - Individual Project
Wed, 8/22/18
A (94.44 %) 85.00 90
Individual Project Submission

Unit 2 - Discussion Board
Tue, 8/28/18
A- (92 %) 69.00 75
Discussion Board Discussion Board

Unit 2 - Individual Project
Wed, 8/29/18
A- (90 %) 90.00 100
Individual Project Submission

Unit 3 - Discussion Board
Tue, 9/4/18
A- (92 %) 69.00 75
Discussion Board Discussion Board

Unit 3 - Individual Project
Wed, 9/5/18
A- (93.33 %) 140.00 150
Individual Project Submission

Unit 4 - Discussion Board
Tue, 9/11/18
A (97.33 %) 73.00 75


Good start on this discussion. Now we will look at primary data collection methods and selection and at the same time explore the use of secondary data.

What would be the best method (mail, in-person, telephone, online or other) to collect this primary data needed for the family? Explain your selection. 9/10

As part of the research process the availability of secondary research should be sought. You have already identified secondary research sources with respect to trends in making bakery products at home. Now you are interested in finding other secondary resources that will assist the DiVito family in developing marketing plans for their bakery.

Use the library to locate consumer-related sites for secondary resources regarding the bakery industry and consumer bakery buying behavior.
You need to research for secondary data related to the bakery industry and consumer information. 9/10
Explain the information that is available and after reviewing its content, what is its significance in serving as a source of secondary data. 10/10
Explain the process that you used in selecting a Web site and in assessing the validity of the information. 10/10
Please cite the resources you used. 5/5

Responses to Other Students: Respond to at least 2 of your fellow classmates with at least a 100-word reply about their Primary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening.15/15

Task Requirements 18/20
Demonstration and application of knowledge 40/40
Academic Writing and format 15/15

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Discussion Board Discussion Board

Unit 4 - Group Project
Wed, 9/12/18
A- (93.5 %) 187.00 200
Group Project Submission
| Discussion Board

Unit 5 - Discussion Board
Tue, 9/18/18
Discussion Board Discussion Board

Unit 5 - Individual Project
Wed, 9/19/18
Individual Project Submission

Current Grade = Points Earned / Points Possible: 794 850 (highlighted cells are included in current grade)


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