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my name is christian matteo. i am a 19 year old song writer with big dreams of the lime light.i write and sing my own music. my music is a fusion of pop punk rap and alternative sutiable for all ages. please explore this music page and keep your eyes out for my solo album coming out soon.

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  • Two Chaniz
    Two Chaniz my boy james killing it!!!!!!!!
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  • Perfect
    Perfect Perfect is a song describing that one person that leaves a giant impression in your mind. When thinking of or being with this one person your mind is free of any judgements of them whatsoever. This song represents the unexplainable feeling of pure joy and happiness.
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  • Escape
    Escape Escape is the first EDM song to be released from Christian Matteo Music. It tells the story of escaping from everyday life and starting new.
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  • Summer
    Summer summer is a song about a friend of mine who couldn't get over his dream girl. hes doing good for himself now!!
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  • Sunshine
    Sunshine The sunshine in this song represents looking on the bright side. Its all ill ever need.
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  • Feel It
    Feel It "Feel It" is a rap song to break the stereotype of rap music today. Rap music in today's mainstream world is filled with violence, explicit language and negative messages thrown at our youth. I wanted to create a rap love song to turn music around for the better and warm the hearts of other. Please give my song "Feel It" a good listen and enjoy!!!
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  • Possible ft James Moreno
    Possible ft James Moreno Possible is a song to lift peoples spirit and to give anyone in a rut or slump some motivation. Its all about believing in yourself. This song features a good friend of mine. My dude, James Moreno who put a little spice on the song with his own rap. Enjoy and cheer up
    ChristianM... 00:04:05 580 0 Downloads 0 Comments
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