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I bought a drum set three years ago - at age 50 in the summer of 2013. I had never owned a drum set before; last playing on one when I was in high school. did however take a few years of regular band in grammar school where I learned how to read music and play a single snare drum - these were lessons that would serve me years later as I found that I could recreate beats of different drummers once I started playing a kit. Over the course of the time I've had the kit, I had accumulated a collection of almost 200 songs (songs in which I play along with the original drummers) of which were of decent quality. Since then, I have removed various songs and added others - all the while trying to improve as a musician. I think that my sheer enjoyment of being able to participate in helping add to these songs - the ones I grew up listening to and enjoying has been the motivating factor for me. And I also found that I LOVE playing with others - I love making stuff up right on the spot the most and enjoy challenging drum parts. My drum covers on this site are never perfect and i try to post newer versions of songs once I've improved my playing but in general I think I am able to capture the general spirit of all the songs I've attempted. Take a listen and tell me what YOU think. If you really like the groove and the style I bring to it, please say so. Thanks.

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