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  • First Principle Sunday Baptism There are so many things going on in the world today that many wonder if we should take the time and discuss something like baptism. Anything that falls into the realm of salvation is worthy of our time and our attention. This lesson attempts to answer three questions: 1) Is Baptism Worthy Talking About? 2) What Makes Baptism Worth Talking About? Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation? Please note that the above questions come from Jim McGuiggan and his book "A Baptism Worth Talking About"
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  • Strongholds Conflict We have all been in place when unexpected conflict, unfair criticism, or something else that was unjust. What do we do? How do we respond? The Apostle Paul speaks to attitude as the beginning of the answer.
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  • Strongholds False Guilt God endowed all men with a conscience. Something to keep us in check and to move us when we do wrong; movement to repentance and salvation. However, the enemy comes in and corrupts what God calls good and turns godly guilt into a worldly guilt; a worldly sorrow that imprisons so many. What can we do to break free and not become trapped by false guilt?
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  • Easter 2016 He Still Moves Stones Many people woke up this morning with stones blocking their path to God and peace. The Resurrection of Jesus reminds of the power of God and the power that raised Jesus from the grave!
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  • Strongholds: Reconciliation The goal of forgiveness is to lead two parties to be reconciled. However, due to their internal struggles, the Corinthian church is failing to obtain that goal. To provide an answer for this issue, the Apostle Paul takes the Corinthians back to the Cross.
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  • Strongholds: Forgiveness The Devil seeks to build strongholds in our hearts and minds that leads to slavery and loss of life. The Scripture tells us that we have the weapons to destroy those strongholds.
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  • Jesus and Melchizedk The Hebrew writer uses this section to go further into the High Priesthood of Jesus. This High Priesthood is modeled after Melchizedek and using the events Genesis 17, the Hebrew writer proves the superiority of Jesus as High Priest.
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  • The Surety of God's Promise The Hebrew writer offers some encouragement to his audience to keep them faithful and strong to God and the faith.
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  • First Principles The Hebrew writer lists six basic principles that all Christians should be mature and skilled in when it comes to knowledge and ability to teach.
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  • Marks of Immaturity Heb 5b The Hebrew writer gives us 3 marks or indicators of spiritual immaturity.
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