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  • Will God Accept Me?
    Will God Accept Me? How can we be sure that God will accept us when we come to Him? How much wrong is "too much"? Are there any conditions? What about the wrong I've done? How do I know if I've gone too far? Friends, millions of people are tormented by these concerns daily. If you have every pondered the question, this short sermon is a MUST HEAR! You will walk away encouraged, hopeful and with a sense of your real and lasting purpose.
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  • The Reward of the Wicked What happens to the unsaved? When and where is hellfire? How could a loving God do such a thing? This message will answer all of your questions regarding the punishment of the wicked. What relief you'll have knowing what the Bible truly teaches on this subject.
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  • HOW TO PRAY Jesus teaches us to pray.
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  • Written By God - Changed By Man It's not surprising that the the foundation of God's govenment is slowly being removed from government, but were you aware that it has also been removed from the Christian church? In this jaw-dropping message by Derick Logan you'll discover just what the enemy is doing to decieve the whole world!
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  • A Tribute to Steve Jobs - Where is He Now? Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, died on October 5th 2011 at the young age of 56. An iconic inventory has passed on to meet his eternal destiny, but where is he now? What is he doing? In this fascinating message, Derick Logan shows us just what awaits us on the "other" side of death.
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  • The Beginning of All Prophecies A powerful message from Derick Logan that will help you to live a victorious life in Christ! Did you know that God promised us VICTORY over sin in the Garden of Eden? Let this message bless and encourage you today. Recording Saturday, October 2nd at Regeneration 2011 in Danville, Kentucky.
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  • Signs You Can't Afford to Ignore! Another inspiring message by the Holy Spirit sent to mankind through Evangelist Derick Logan. Do you recognize the signs you can't afford to ignore? Join us for today preview of REGENERATION, Where Life Starts Over!
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  • The Seal of God: Sabbath Rest Join us for our weekly radio program! Every Sunday at 8:30 AM on 105.1 FM (WRNZ-FM). You will enjoy this unique and crytal clear Bible presentation created to help you deepen your committment to Christ and His Kingdom. <br />
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  • In God We Trust Does the Ten Commandments really matter? If so, why? If not, why do we have them? From the Bible, Derick Logan helps us to understand the importance of God's Law. Stay tuned for this exciting program!
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  • DEATH - Satans Great Deception What really happens when someone dies? Does the Bible provide a clear answer? YES, IT DOES! If you have ever wanted to know just where your loved ones who have passed away are, be sure to join us this week for this very important lesson on DEATH. Be sure to tune-in for this exciting lesson!
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