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  • VXN - Putting Love Aside Sherrie Marginean
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  • Sabu - Can't Face the World Without You Paul Sabu (born January 2, 1960) is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist. He is the son of Indian-born film star Sabu. CAREER ----------- Sabu is best known for his work with his band Only Child plus collaborations with a long list of artists including Lee Aaron, David Bowie, Little Caesar, Alice Cooper, Jesse Damon, Elvira, Fatal Smile, Madonna, Malice, Motels, The Nelsons, Robbie Neville, Prince, Silent Rage, Daniela Romo, Tattoo Rodeo, Teri Tims, Throne of Vengeance, Shania Twain, John Waite, and many more. He is also well known for his music featured in movies and TV series soundtracks and has been credited with production/mixing on 14 Platinum and 11 Gold Records. DISCOGRAPHY --------------------- Official releases Sabu: MCA Records (1980). Kidd Glove: Motown (1984), also re-released (with bonus material) at Yesterrock. Heartbreak: Heavy Metal America (1985), also re-released (with bonus material) at Z Records. Only Child: Rhino/Capital (1988), also re-released (with bonus material) at Yesterrock. Paul Sabu: Zero (1994), also re-released (with bonus material) at Z Records as "In Dreams". Sabu: USG Records (1996). Between the Light: USG Records (1998). Strange Messiah: AOR Heaven (2007). High & Mighty: AOR Heaven (2009). Call of the Wild: Z Records (2011). Bangkok Rules: Z Records (2012).
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  • Robert Hart - Heart (1989) Robert Hart is a British rock vocalist and songwriter. He is currently the lead singer of Manfred Mann's Earth Band and the band Diesel. He has performed as a solo artist, and with The Distance and also with former Whitesnake members in the band called Company of Snakes and with Bad Company.
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  • Teri Tims - Bad Love
    Teri Tims - Bad Love Born and raised in Keithville, Louisiana, Teri Tims has been performing since she was eleven years old. Her powerful, sultry voice captures attention of fans and industry professionals in a way that can only be compared to the likes of Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt.
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  •  Blue Daze
    Blue Daze Band Wild Blue Album - No more Jinx Members: Renee Varo, Frank Barbalace, Jill Snider Crabtree, David Harvey, Jan Harvey Albums: No More Jinx, Wild Blue Grass, Heirloom, Come On In And Make Yourself At home Record labels: Chrysalis Records, Pinecastle Records, Laughing Stock
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  • Surprises (Ger) - Reason To Live - (1989)
    Surprises (Ger) - Reason To Live - (1989) song taken from Longing For The Daylight album From 1989 Personnel Thomas Wellnovski Vocals, Guitars Sven Thiedecke Keyboards Hans-Joachimjogi MüLler Guitars, Backing Vocals Dieter Fish Weber Bass Stefan Poncho Reinicke Drums, Backing Vocals status split -up
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  • Karo - Ball Of Fire
    Karo - Ball Of Fire Hard FM Status - Split-Up Formed In - 1985 Separated In -1988 Country - Germany City Berlin Line-up Ronald Bosien Drums Erich Holstein Guitar Lutz Salzwedel Vocals Dieter Seeburg Bass Karo Straub Keyboard From Heavy Birthday Album 1988
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  • First Shot - I Can Never Stop The Rain
    First Shot - I Can Never Stop The Rain Country - Canada Category: AOR Year: 2003 Label: Escape Records Personnel Marc Lafrance vocals, percussion Doug Edwards guitars, keyboards Dave Pickell keyboards Peter Clarke bass
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  • Fighter - When will we Learn
    Fighter - When will we Learn FIGHTER CHRISTIAN ROCK BAND - USA Category: CCM Hard Rock Year: 1992 Label: Word Track #04 - Band Members - Billy Heller guitars, bass Mark Pence keyboards, drum programming Sean Murphy lead and background vocals, drums, acoustic guitars Amy Wolter lead and background vocals Jim Wolter bass
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  • Snakes In Paradise - Silent Sky
    Snakes In Paradise - Silent Sky Snakes In Paradise came to the attention of melodic rock fans in 1993 when they acted as the back-up band for Mark Free. The band introduced the world to their original material soon thereafter when their self-titled debut album was released in 1994. Produced by the late Brett Walker (Alias, Jeff Paris, Mitch Malloy), the album showcased a combination of British hard rock mixed with American AOR delivered by a soulful blues rock singer and four outstanding musicians. It was truly a dynamic record with immediately hummable melodies while simultaneously not sacrificing the heaviness and power of hard rock. The band’s second album, “Garden of Eden” followed in 1999 and was inspired by Whitesnake’s more popular and most well-known material, thus satisfying fans of the musical formula on the band's debut. After the release of “Dangerous Love” in 2002, another album chock full of hooks and harmonies, the band called it a day.
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