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Finix enjoys a culture of innovation and agility as the impetus to exceed limitations. He is truly what make the difference.

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  • PR measurement Audio Transcription: Universal Information Services delivers a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative social media and PR measurement service that exceeds the results obtained by any automated PR evaluation system can. Call 800-408-3178 or visit http://universal-info.com/pr-measurement/ for more information or to request a quote.
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  • Social Media tracking Audio Transcription: Universal Information Services offers businesses affordable social media tracking services that gives them critical information needed to control their online media exposure. Visit http://universal-info.com/web-and-social-media-tracking/ to get started, use the Chat feature or call 800-408-3178 to get answers to your questions.
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  • Media Marketing - Your Media Marketing Efforts Audio Transcription: Make the most of your media marketing efforts with the web and social media tracking services offered by Universal Information Services. Always know exactly which marketing efforts are getting the best results for your business. Call 800-408-3178 or visit http://universal-info.com/tv-radio-monitoring/
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  • Public Relations Measurement - Universal Information Service Audio Transcription: Universal Information Services uses a comprehensive approach to providing public relations measurement that provides detailed results of your news exposure. To learn more about getting the data needed to analyze and measure your PR campaigns, call 800-408-3178 or visit http://universal-info.com/pr-measurement/
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  • Social Media Tracking - Universal Information Audio Transcription: Universal Information Services offers web monitoring and social media tracking services that allow businesses to monitor online news sources, blogs, social media sites and more. Visit http://universal-info.com/web-and-social-media-tracking/ or call 800-408-3178 for a quote for the level of service you need.
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  • Universal Information Services - Social media tracking Audio Transcription: If you want to understand how well your Facebook and Twitter pages are engaging audiences, you need quality social media tracking services from Universal Information Services. Head to http://universal-info.com/web-and-social-media-tracking/ to find out about what they offer or call (800) 408-3178 to speak to a member of the team.
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  • Public Relations Measurement - Universal-Info.Com Audio Transcription: Why is it necessary to monitor the success of our public relations campaigns? >> Social media is everywhere you look, the rapid increase in popularity of the internet and the ease of access has made it possible for everyone to have a social account. This has led to social media being used to target customers and market any business service or product. So how does public relations measurement work? >> Simple really, you track the number of people who visit a site or respond to a campaign and then you know how successful and worthwhile it is or not. Can I use the services of a professional to help? It sounds a little complicated. >> Absolutely, contact universal-info.com on their website or call 800-408-3178 and they will advise you on the best way to deal with public relations measurement. @ http://universal-info.com/pr-measurement/public-relations-measurement-the-barcelona-principles/
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  • Universal-Information-Services offers social media tracking Audio Transcription: Universal Information Services offers social media tracking and many other analytical services that make judging the outcome of online marketing campaigns much simpler. Contact them online at www.universal-info.com or call on (800) 408-3178 to find out how more. @ http://universal-info.com/category/social-media-tracking/
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  • Social Media Tracking Audio Transcription: Universal Information Services makes social media tracking easy so you can understand the reach, impact and effectiveness of your company’s public relations effort. To learn more, go to http://universal-info.com/web-and-social-media-tracking/ or call 1-800-408-3178 to learn how to see, measure and share!
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  • Media Monitoring Audio Transcription: Interested in a company that offers media monitoring? Have you heard of Universal Information Services? The company has been in business since 1908, and it provides news monitoring, public relations measurement services, and media contact. Universal Information Services is an innovative company that among the first to provide its clients digital media formats. The company also is a leader when it comes to media monitoring, and also believes that customer trust must be earned every day. Interested in the services universal-info.com has to offer? Contact them at (800) 408-3178 to get started today! See more - http://universal-info.com/broadcast-news-monitoring-tv-radio-news-clips-media-analysis/albuquerque-media-monitoring/
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