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Born February 1, 1966, in Phildephia, Ive lived in the city of 'Brotherly Love'my whole life. As each year passes Im always realizing that there is NO place like Philly! I was introduced to music by my mother and step-father who often listened to Philly’s top radio station WDAS, which was the number one R&B station at the time. It was my 13th birthday party that my listening to the radio and watching Soul Train, when my love of music exploded into my own style and flair eventually molding me to the DJ/HOST that I am today. <br />
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Details of how it all started was my growing up in N.E. Frankford and went to all the local schools. I broke into being a DJ by making "pause-button tapes." As I got older I joined a small DJ group that consisted of a couple of fellas from the neighborhood, called Csomic Funk, just for fun doing house and small block parties, never really thinking it would go anywhere.<br />
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Doing what I needed to work and make money, I started back up with the town DJ full time as his hype man for various functions after kicking with him off and on for 30 or so years, still never really putting my all into being a DJ or HOST. It wasnt until hosting a wedding, a high school buddy came up to me after the ceremony and complimented me on my humor, that I began slowly finding myself beliving that I could make something of it. So I began hosting with a totally new outlook. So mainly hosting and slowly honing my DJ skills on the side spinning for friends, family, small weddings, and other affairs. <br />
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Those same friends and family members encouraged me to step out on my own and pursue DJing further. Listening to the game show and other local radio show hosts, I felt even moreso that this really is possible for me, so when an internet friend contacted me and asked if I would like to try out for a spot on Phillys Starlineradio's internet radio show line up, I jumped at the opportunity! I knew that this truly was my chance and when I was accepted I humbly thanked the heavens, for this opportunity and began putting together Spydr's Speakeasy, playing pretty much whatever I want within a range from 60s Motown, 80s Pop & 90s Hip Hop! I love what I do and and I'm going to do my best to ride this star for as long as it burns!


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