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HalfCharged ;

dead. houndsssss (howl)

I run around here ,up in gangsta mode
do it in the clear , till the case is closed
fluents what you hear ,better race the road
as the bass is blown, the whole place corodes
better face the flows , cause the ace is showed
the bet is placed , another ace is rowed
thousands on the table, on an ace we know
lucks the only villain , as temptation owns
the stations thrown, the invasions powned
out the casino , with the nation yo
nah I placed it all, bet my Asian whore
failed miserable , cause I paid to score
it's what occasions for, have you rasing more
soon you'll bet ya house then degrade it (sure)
gotcha paying more, with no pay at all
playing on the floor, facing a forty four

my nigger im hated hated hated
my nigger I'm hatred hated hated (x4)

and I don't give a fuck
he yo - fuck the five o, the fucken po po , - i need my hydro
fuck you loco , fuck your Volvos
blue collar bully's , fuck ya law bro
fuck ya badge number,
ill fuck ya raw flow ,fuck the war bro
you fuck my door hoe , I'll fuck ya whore bro
for fucken sure yo , on the floor bro
(Screaming Fucking More Yo )
so fucken get go , for a fucken let go
call up my lawyer ,for I let the teck go
not disrespect yo ,just flipped my nest hoe
couldn't find piss ,now this shits a mess bro
i ain't cleaning this Pedro, this is dis respect yo
kiss the crest my wrist and fist, yo fuckin let go
I don't confess so , go warn ya dress codes
(four eight seven zero)
in a swarm of vests yo

I'm hated hated hated
my nigger I'm hated hated hated
(my nigger I'm hatred hated hated
my nigger I'm hated hated hated )-x3
and I don't give a fuck

so bounce - yo what fucken ounce
no cash here -what fucken pound
yo stop knocking around ,
till ya locked and found
cause cops knockin round ,with their dogs and hounds
silent not making sounds
poochies hit the ground
I had to let them down ,they don't fix this town
or sit this out, if you spit and shout
fuck off down the road ,befor we rip this bout
the switch is out, cause you skip ya mouths
names HalfCharged, better sit this out
I spit the grout , that sits fixture house
go take me out , ya shit hits the ground
i run this town , like it whips around
and spit the sound , the clearest found
I'm hated by the industry , but fearless proud
hated but ain't killing me you'll hear this loud

I've made it made it made it
my nigger I've made it made it made it
(my nigger I've made it made it made it
my nigger I''ve made it made it made it )-x3
and I don't give a fuck

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