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The youthful int.Singer Everyone refer to as "the blessing to music .Booking hassantornado1@gmail.com

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  • twakowa ezalawo house music
    twakowa ezalawo house music alali mujjuba is a song concerning about jealousy people who do not appreciate.for what you have been or the great achievement in life
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  • Sisi Omuhle - By Mafia 1 [OUT NOW]
    Sisi Omuhle - By Mafia 1 [OUT NOW] Sisi Omuhle - By Mafia 1 [OUT NOW]
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  • who them mafia1 tornado
    who them mafia1 tornado who them mafia1 tornado
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  • "We Miss You Johnnie & Ak47"Mafia 1
    "We Miss You Johnnie & Ak47"Mafia 1 We Miss You Johnnie & Ak47"Mafia 1
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    NTOMBI Ntombi is a house music track composed by a Ugandan artist based in S.Africa.It's all about a guy proposing to lady.We hope u'll love it!
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  • tulimu sswaga cd
    tulimu sswaga cd Download Tulimu Swagga Right Now... The wait is no more! South African based Uganda, Mafia 1 has come back with a new hit… Tulimu Swagga. And as always it is finally available on your favorite music site on Mafia 1 music wall. Download "Tulimu Swagga" and other Mafia 1 biggest hits » south-african-based-ugandan-mafia-1-releases-another-hit-song-tulimu-swagga
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  • Mandela Freedom By Tornado Mafia..1 Live mandela  mp3
    Mandela Freedom By Tornado Mafia..1 Live mandela mp3 No Easy Walk to Freedom Since 1912 and year after year thereafter, in their homes and local areas, in provincial and national gatherings, on trains and buses, in the factories and on the farms, in cities, villages, shanty towns, schools and prisons, the African people have discussed the shameful misdeeds of those who rule the country. Year after year, they have raised their voices in condemnation of the grinding poverty of the people, the low wages, the acute shortage of land, the inhuman exploitation and the whole policy of white domination. But instead of more freedom repression began to grow in volume and intensity and it seemed that all their sacrifices would end up in smoke and dust. Today the entire country knows that their labours were not in vain for a new spirit and new ideas have gripped our people. Today the people speak the language of action: there is a mighty awakening among the men and women of our country and the year 1952 stands out as the year of this upsurge of national consciousness. Mandela Freedom By Tornado Mafia..1 Live Your Dream
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