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  • Monday Geography and music fun Hi there if the geography is nearly correct just open your atlas and enjoy correcting me already yeah yeah cheers, then I got you music too, such fun catch up with you midweek.
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  • Weekend Broadcasting March 16 Hello there here is your weekend chat and music broadcasting practice direct from me on Saturday 16 March 2013 catch up with you Monday no doubt
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  • Friday News Sharing Friday News Broadcast Jingle Colleagues News Shared more jingle and music exit
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  • Wednesday Broadcast Sharing Midweek News Sharing for Wednesday 20th February with news chat background news more news jingle and music exit (Remember if nut case tell you U do not fear them do tell them you fear God that made you & if they talk about respect tell them you do not much regard who ever disrespect your mum & tried to destroy her to get at you such lost your respect even before you can identify them 28 years on everywhere they had been wrong to mum you foes pride is who they hurt & destroy with their mouths but your pride speak for itself than mess with anyones life you jump on the trampoline you do yoga and even climb trees and remain for ever young for life but your foes continue what they do best add insult to injury why on earth will you bother answer any of them now do not bother just get on with life in spite of them their activities will find them out eventually
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  • Drive Time Country Music Drive Time Country Music Monday this is a break from my usual R & B no doubt am off to R & B pretty soon
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  • Monday News Shared Monday chats jingle news even colleagues news shared and IT news broadcast chats and music exit
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  • Friday News Shared Weekend news sharing with jingles chats colleagues interviews news i broadcasted music and jingle
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  • Chat and news shared forMonday Todays News had chats, jingle, music from Ebenezar Obe, it also has for you the receipts for five cocktail drinks for this winter season for you to make for yourself and also the receipt for Nigerian Pounded yam to warm up your inside too. so there you, you also got Nigerian news too. Here is some of my links to help you do yours! Rebtel saves me up to 98% on my international calls. It's simple to use and works from any type of phone. http://reb.tl/10db2zj Divorced mum & let them work to rebuild their lives & help their children live beyond divorce. - The Petition Site http://www.thepetitionsite.com/886/958/713/hire-divorced-mum-let-them-work-to-rebuild-their-lives-help-their-children-live-beyond-divorce/ http://www.spreaker.com/?ref=U3483061 http://www.groupon.com/r/uu7538964 http://www.freebiegb.co.uk/?rid=13450
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  • Friday News Shared 18/1/2013 Hi there, this has 4U Local news & colleagues other news & my chats in between & then more news and music playing you out with Abba
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  • 16th Jan;2013 News Sharing This news has my broadcast and colleague news, music, and chats for the mid week production. catch up with you at the weekend.
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