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  • As Long As I'm With You
    As Long As I'm With You Another happy but slow tune. Dedictated to my Best Friend Ella Hassall. Who is now Co-starring in my music. By the way, Ella's area in my work is that she writes the music, lyrics. And also sings the songs. My area is that i make the music and input tunes and import the lyrics. Hope you enjoy. Byeeeeee.
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  • Mixed Love (I Will Lie For You Cry For You)
    Mixed Love (I Will Lie For You Cry For You) A sad but up-beat song. Soon it with have proper lyrics. Hope you enjoy this song. Co-starring and songwriter Ella Hassall. Song from The Chemical Truth album 3. Trapped Love
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  • Believe
    Believe A mix of sad and intense music. Created from my own personal album. Known as The Chemical Truth. Album 2-Downward.
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