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James is a businessman. In his past time he likes listening music.

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  • Insurance in Medway MA - Murphy Insurance Agency Audio Transcription: Whether you need coverage for your auto, home, life, or recreational vehicles, Murphy Insurance Agency is the place to go for insurance in Medway MA. Call 800-222-8711 or visit http://www.dfmurphy.com/about-us/Communities-Served/Medway-MA-Insurance.aspx for a quote or to learn more about your options.
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  • Business Insurance In Massachusetts - DFMurphy.com Audio Transcription: Find the best business insurance in Massachusetts by understanding the importance of risk and which part of a policy is truly essential to you and your business. To find out more, visit http://www.dfmurphy.com/business-insurance/Business-Insurance-Overview.aspx or call 800-222-8711.
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  • Trusted Choice Insurance Agency - Murphy Insurance Agency Audio Transcription: Murphy Insurance Agency is here to help anybody who is looking for a trusted choice insurance agency so that they can get the policy they need. Their team is able to provide all of the advice you need, so head to DFMurphy.com or give them a call on 800 222 8711 to get started. @ http://www.dfmurphy.com/about-us/Trusted-Choice-Agent.aspx
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  • Murphy Insurance Agency maintains insurance offices in Massa Audio Transcription: Murphy Insurance Agency maintains insurance offices in Massachusetts and is able to offer advice on a range of personal and business insurance plans. More information about the services they offer can be found by visiting www.dfmurphy.com, or by calling 800 222 8711 to request a quote @ http://www.dfmurphy.com/locations
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  • Commercial Insurance Brokers In Massachusetts
    Commercial Insurance Brokers In Massachusetts Audio Transcription: DFmurphy.com, also known as Murphy Insurance, first began back in 1937 by D. Francis Murphy. Murphy opened their very first office in Hudson, Massachusetts. Even today, the Murphy family still owns and operates the insurance company, and it is the largest family owned business in the whole state of Massachusetts. Find out more at http://www.dfmurphy.com/businessinsurance/BusinessInsuranceOverview
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  • Insurance Agency Massachusetts Audio Transcription: Murphy Insurance, dfmurphy.com, is an insurance company in Massachusetts. The company offers personal, business, and financial insurance, and works with over 25 carriers. When someone needs insurance, Murphy will work with their clients to create customized insurance specifically for their needs. @ http://www.dfmurphy.com/aboutus/WhoWeAre
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