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  • Hijab in Kashmir - religiosity or fashion statement? There is a growing trend of adopting of Hijab among the female folk of the valley especially the young students. More and more women are being seen donning Hijab albeit with slight modifications. Reason? Fashion or growing religious inclination. Listen here as KU CJ team talks to students and experts about it
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  • A Long Walk
    A Long Walk Students Of KU CJ bring to you a short drama highlighting the need for introducing the bicycle culture inside the university campus to help students save their time.
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  • Sporting Facilities in Kashmir University departments Listen to Idrees Ahmed, CJ reporter, trying to know from students of different departments whether sports facilities are necessary in every department and how much important is sports in daily life.
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  • Water logging in KU Campus
    Water logging in KU Campus The incessant rains during the last few days of March and start of April submerged most of the parts of campus. KU CJ team talked to the concerned authorities about the same.
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  • KU Canteens As Public Sphere
    KU Canteens As Public Sphere KU CJ Team explores the cafeterias inside the campus. Canteens for Chai Samosa and Kaanti or places of public sphere and free discussion?
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