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  • Welcome Me by Joan Baez
    Welcome Me by Joan Baez The song "Welcome Me" by Joan Baez is a good representation of Native American beliefs of how they loved and cherished nature. The Coyote is also a major character in Native American mythology. Song Title: Welcome Me Artist: Joan Baez Album: Ring Them Bells Year Published: 1995 Publisher: Proper Records "Ring Them Bells." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation. Web. 16 May 2015. The song belongs to Joan Baez
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  • Trickster by We Are Scientists
    Trickster by We Are Scientists Anansi is a trickster spider in African myths that manipulates people (or rather animals) to get his way. In one myth, the mischeivous spider has been stealing yams from a farmer, and when everyone was trying to figure out who was taking the yams, Anansi decided to take watch over the farmer's field then got struck in a trap set up to catch the thief. He tricked the praying mantis into taking his place, but instead of eventually coming back for the praying mantis, Anansi left the mantis to take the blame for stealing the yams. The song resembles this myth because they're looking for the trickster and wanting to "lock him up." Song Title: Trickster Artist: We Are Scientists Alnum: safety, fun, and learning (in that order) Year Published: 2002 Publisher: Devious Semantics "Safety, Fun, and Learning (In That Order)." - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 16 May 2015. The song belongs to We Are Scientists
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  • Song for a Dark Goddess
    Song for a Dark Goddess Hel is the giantess goddess of the Underworld in Norse mythology. She’s the daughter of Loki and the giant Angrboða, and is seen as being more on the unpleasant side. As the song suggests, she is a rather dark person and the "Mother of madness." Song Title: Song for a Dark Goddess (Hel's Song) Artist: Raven Kaldera "Song for a Dark Goddess (Hel's Song)." Song for a Dark Goddess (Hel's Song). Web. 15 May 2015. The song belongs to Raven Kaldera. This is a poem written by Raven Kaldera and not published under any label.
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  • Heart of Stone by Cher
    Heart of Stone by Cher Medusa was once a beatiful women and a priestess of Athena. After a night with Poseidon, Athena took away her beauty and turned Medusa's hair was turned into snakes. Along with being turned into an monster, Medusa was cursed to never look into someone else's eyes without the consquence of turning him or her into stone. Song Title: Heart of Stone Artist: Cher Album: Heart of Stone Year Published: 1989 Publisher: Geffen Records "Heart of Stone (Cher Album)." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation. Web. 15 May 2015. The song belongs to Cher.
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