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  • Story Time with Kasper: Cult of Orabaras
    Story Time with Kasper: Cult of Orabaras In partnership with the Fantasy Sci-Fi Readers' Lounge Title: Cult of Orabaras: A Cycle of Millennia Novella Author: Ross Ellison Genre: Dark Fantasy Blurb: After making their way to Iron City of Blacksmiths Grez the mysterious Monk and his companions are forced into a tournament. But while Hadron the Barbarian fights for glory, and Sneak Peak the Rogue seeks to make as much money as he can, something stirs in the shadows. Belwyn the Paladin senses trouble from afar. Velros the Knight is on guard for danger. However, it is Kal the enigmatic Psionic who discovers a new foe. Despite remembering a warning granted by Fairy Dragons about Magic Users, the group is unable to avoid the webs of the deadly Cult of Orabaras. But what could their malevolent purpose be? And why is this group of misfit adventurers attracting their interest? (C) Ross Ellison 2019. Used with permission https://www.amazon.com/Cult-Orabaras-Cycle-Millennia-Novella-ebook/dp/B07QZNTV4S
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  • Story Time with Kasper: The Dark Archer
    Story Time with Kasper: The Dark Archer In partnership with OWS CyCon 2019 Title: The Dark Archer Author: Robert Cano Genre: Fantasy Blurb: All he wanted was the safety of his princess. What he received was eternal torment. Bereft of a soul, a wraith who should have no ties to humanity, Bene wants nothing more than release from his twisted existence. Trapped between life and nothingness, he hopes to reclaim his soul and find the death he so desperately desires. Bene finds rare solace in the company of Feorin, a satyr war hero who chose exile over continuing the centuries long war with the Fae. He doesn't look at Bene with fear or contempt, but rather hope. If a wraith can find a path to redemption, perhaps he could as well… Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Archer-Robert-Cano-ebook/dp/B07DL558FH (c) Used with permission.
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  • Story Time with Kasper: The Moon Warriors
    Story Time with Kasper: The Moon Warriors In partnership with OWS CyCon 2019 Title: The Moon Warriors Author: Kayla Krantz Genre: Urban Fantasy Blurb: A Coven of witches and a group of demons have been at war for centuries and now live in peace under an agreement. The terms are simple—members of either side are not permitted to cross the boundary. When Talia’s beloved is killed, she immediately suspects a demon is behind it and crosses the border to search for the culprit. On the other side, however, she meets her first demon, named Marcus, and her entire belief system is turned upside down. With the help of Marcus and Talia’s familiar, Mushroom, she gets to the bottom of her sweetheart’s death and learns the importance of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Moon-Warriors-Novella-Kayla-Krantz-ebook/dp/B07H74QZ2V (c) Used with permission.
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  • Story Time by Kasper: The Chronocar
    Story Time by Kasper: The Chronocar In partnership with OWS CyCon 2019 Title:The Chronocar Author: Steve Bellinger Genre: Sci-Fi, time travel Blurb: Simmie Johnson was born the son of a slave. He was also a genius. After earning a PhD in physics from Tuskegee Institute, he wrote a paper outlining a theory for time travel, including plans for a time machine—called a chronocar—which was published in a scientific journal in the early 1900s . Since the technology required to build the chronocar did not yet exist, the paper and its brilliant writer faded into obscurity. A century later, a young Illinois Tech student, Tony Carpenter, discovers the journal article and decides to build a chronocar so he can travel back to 1919 to meet the black scientist he hopes to emulate. Unfortunately, time is not on his side. Dr. Johnson is living in Chicago’s Black Belt with his beautiful daughter—and Tony arrives just in time for the bloodiest race riot in the city’s history. Can Tony use the chronocar to save his new friends, or will his attempt forever alter the future he hopes to return to? Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Chronocar-Steve-Bellinger-ebook/dp/B0116N158U (c) Used with permission.
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  • Story Time by Kasper : Call Sign: Baby Daddy
    Story Time by Kasper : Call Sign: Baby Daddy Story reading by Kasper Beaumont Book: Navy SEAL Liaisons Call Sign: Baby Daddy By J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Military/Contemporary Romance Blurb: To those who say War is Hell, I say, try being married to a person you don't even know. That's my dilemma. My name is Ozmond Zayne and after nearly fifteen years in the US Armed Forces, ten of them as a US Navy SEAL, I am about to face my greatest of foes. A wife and daughter. Used with permission.
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  • Story Time with Kasper: Finding Eliza
    Story Time with Kasper: Finding Eliza Audio file of Finding Eliza story reading. Written by Stephanie Pitcher Fishman A historical fiction Blurb: "It’s just a little family history. What could go wrong?" When Lizzie Clydell agreed to join her grandmother at the church’s genealogy group meeting she expected nothing more than lemon squares and a few stories. Instead, an old diary leads Lizzie down a dusty road of lies, hidden family secrets, and a lynching that nearly destroyed her family. Still strug­gling with the loss of her parents two decades ear­lier, Lizzie must con­front a painful past that others hoped was forgotten. Her journey becomes even more difficult as she realizes those around her may not be as they seem. Can Lizzie make peace with the past or will it destroy the relationships she holds most dear? Joining her is a group of lifelong friends known to Lizzie as The Gals. Headed up by her own grandmother, the group of women guide her through the past with humor, encouragement, and tough love as she learns about grace and forgiveness. Set in small town Georgia, Finding Eliza is a contemporary story with flashes of his­tor­i­cal fic­tion as Lizzie digs into 1930s segregation, illegal interracial relationships, and the fear of the KKK.
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