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Not a trained singer. Working in a Central Government Organization.

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  • Swayamvarathinu Panthalorukki Malayalam Movie : Ulsavam (1975) Music : A T Ummer Lyrics : Poovachal Khader Singer : K J Yesudas, S Janaki Cover : Krishnadas P Rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: For the wedding, made ready the `pandal’, for us the blue sky.. The blue sky… the blue sky… To welcome you, held flower trays, the lotus pools all along… (2) Please come dressed up.. Please come flowing in the rhythm of waves.. (For the wedding.. From the day of birth, I grew up dreaming about you Even without the knowledge of my shadow, I made ready a bedroom for you.. Please come running… Please come fast on the wings of white clouds… (For the wedding… With the flowers of love spring, hey goddess, I will adorn you.. The worship room of my heart I will give you for ever… Please come dancing… Please come on dancing on a swing.. (For the wedding…
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  • Dil ke jharoken mein Hindi Movie : Brahmachari (1968) Music : Shankar Jaikishan Lyrics : Hasrat Jaipuri Singer : Mohammed Rafi Cover : Krishnadas P
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  • Ninte Mizhiyil Neelolpalam Malayalam movie : Arakkallan Mukkal kallan (1974) Music : V Dakshina Moorthy Lyrics : P Bhaskaran Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas Rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: In your eyes, blue lotus On your lips, golden Ashokam (flower name) On your cheek pair, Kanakambaram (flower name) You are an eternal spring… Hey cupid’s swan, who came flowing though the Ganga of love, In the inner pool, on the ring of lotus stem, Keep swinging my dear, please keep swinging… You are the companion of the moonlight which comes rising and smiling on the sky path Today in my thought’s court (durbar) of Lord Indra, Keep dancing the lotus eyed one, please keep dancing…
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  • Mannil Indha Kaathal Tamil movie : Keladi Kanmani (1990) Music : Ilayaraja Lyrics : Gangai Amaran Singer : S P Balasubramaniam Cover : Krishnadas P My humble tribute to the legendary singer Sri. S. P. Balasubramaniam, who left us on 25-09-2020. SPB sings in a single breath each of the two main stanzas of this song. But I have not done it in that way as I am only an ordinary mortal. Rough meaning of the lyrics obtained from internet is given below: On Earth, can anyone live without love? Can the seven notes produce music without the look of a girl? What joy can there be without a woman? Man, you must be closing your eyes and deluding yourself if you think it’s possible. The moon and golden rivers are the companions of girls What happiness can be created without a woman’s happiness Sandalwood and ancient pure Tamil will overflow like Spring time Abundant nectar of the Lily will spill over If a woman is nearby, everything will taste good If you lose the company of the woman, everything will be bitter In her glance, her language, her gait and form Such wondrous joy in just a woman’s existence! Pearls, rare gems and solid coral A bunch of flowers and wonders in puckered lips Small waist, small fingers and bow-shaped eyebrows Eyes that look around, beautiful words If you don’t recognise these, why be born? If you lose all these, he is a renounciater From head to feet, it all gives happiness Won’t she create the nectar of a feast?
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  • Amma Endrazhaikaadha Tamil movie : Mannan (1992) Music : Ilayaraja Lyrics : Vaali Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P Rough meaning of the lyrics obtained from internet is given below: There is no living thing that doesn’t call out to its mother. There is no fame that is attained without bowing to the mother. The living god that talks to you standing before you. Is there a god other than the mother who has given birth to you? All the goddesses Abhirami, Sivakami, Karumari & Mahamayi, All these goddesses are manifested in you, mother. I’m the disciple who provides the sacred bath and the sacred offerings daily to that goddess, dear mother. I’m not the one who looks for materialistic rewards and being your son it is only your blessings that I seek, mother. If there is a rebirth to me at some point of time then I want the boon of taking birth as your son once again. You are the one who should bless me with that. Pure gold, new silver, pearls and diamonds. Can all these ever become comparable to a mother? Even we offer higher and higher prices a mother is never to be got. The pains that you suffered bearing me for 10 months, I know that, Amma. Even if I take numerous births and work hard in all of them, will I be able to repay the debt that I’ve incurred to you? I was only born because of you.
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  • Beqarar Karke Hamen Hindi movie : Bees Saal Baad (1962) Music : Hemant kumar Lyrics : Shakeel Badayuni Singer : Hemant kumar Cover : Krishnadas P
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  • Onapoove Omal Poove Malayalam movie : Ee gaanam marakkumo (1978) Music : Salil Choudhary Lyrics : O N V Kurup Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas It is Onam festival season in Kerala. An Onam song for the occasion. Rough meaning of the starting lines is given below: Hey Onam flower, dear flower, The beautiful shore that you seek Is calling your from far.. Here it is… here it is… here is…
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  • Sarathkaala Sandhya Malayalam movie : Engane Nee Marakkum (1983) Music : Syam Lyrics : Chunakkara Raman kutty Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P A happy romantic song. Rough meaning of the starting lines of lyrics is given below: Autumn season dusk, stood shedding coldness In the flower garden, somewhere, cuckoo came singing…
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  • Tharake mizhiyithalil Malayalam movie : Choola (1979) Music : Ravindran Lyrics : Sathyan Anthikad Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P Rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: Hey star, with tears in your eyes Below, whom are you searching for? In some dream’s solitary shore, Did your smile got extinguished? Some unknown tune Does wake up in your heart? Do desires still caress you? With the pain due to the opening of Mind’s mystic door, Do you perform the love worship? Do you get burnt in the pyre of paining dreams? Do you smile through the tears? In the palace of darkness, like a sobbing memory, Do you daily perform penance?
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  • Innale ente nenjile Yesterday, the light in my heart was extinguished. The breeze had extinguished the light. I stand alone like a lonely flower in the courtyard of the temple. Today, I’m alone. No one calls me from afar. No one wipes my unseen tears. When my father burnt on sandalwood pyre, the birds from temple fly away in grief. The lamp in my heart has been extinguished yesterday. The wind extinguished the lamp. I stand alone like a lone flower in a courtyard. I stand alone. He opened the world of letters to me He held my hand when I missed my step. When will we meet again? Shall I be lucky enough to take another birth together? Yesterday, my heart’s light was extinguished. The light was extinguished by the breeze. I stand alone like a solitary flower in the temple courtyard. I’m alone today.
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