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  • Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace
    Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace For more information on what you can do against pregnancy discrimination while in the workplace, visit this page, https://www.lawsuitlegal.com/pregnancy-discrimination.php Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is an increasing concern. But there are federal acts to protect women from being discriminated at work when they're pregnant. Lawsuit Legal discusses how the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, The Family And Medical Leave Act, and the Americans With Disability Act can help along with your local state labor laws.
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  • SSRI Drugs in Connection Infant Deformity Risks
    SSRI Drugs in Connection Infant Deformity Risks For more information on SSRI and its possible connection with birth defects, visit this page, https://www.lawsuitlegal.com/ssri-birth-defects.php Lawsuit Legal talks about America's obsession on anti-depressant drugs, particularly Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRI and its connection with certain birth defects. While certain research connecting the two had already been deemed as inconclusive by the FDA, there are still lawsuits related to birth defect cases resulting from anti-depressant drug intake.
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  • Spinal Injury By The Numbers [Data Driven]
    Spinal Injury By The Numbers [Data Driven] For more information about spinal injury plaintiff claims visit: https://www.lawsuitlegal.com/spinal-cord-injury.php In this episode of our data snapshot series we share the numbers and statistics driving spinal injuries in the United States this 2016. We covered everything from car accidents to playing football in our investigation into the causes and types of these debilitating injuries. Accidents resulting in spine injury can result in lifetime disability, loss of mobility and a host of life impacting consequences. Our research team breaks down the different types of damage that can be done, along with why its so important YOU recover the maximum financial compensation available after an accident.
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