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I currently go to college, still live at home (I have a roof, I pay for the bill, I buy food and water, there's heat and negativity is sustainable, more or less). I care for my family, for other college students and anyone willing to talk. I dislike religious control but love peaceful people. I think I have cancer (red spots), but I still love and I still give (that's positivity) clothes to the needy and food to the hungry (when I can). I only need the pants and shirts that I have. So long as my heart beats this will never leave me and nor will Jesus the Christ, the son of God, the merciful and compassionate. This country has lost it's way in many ways, but it has not died and nor will it (so long as love is given to people and not to war. After all, what is it good for?<br />
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update: Lint and the world's negativity have caused my body problems (hence the loss of more weight. The Jews aren't bad, nor are most people. In fact they've dealt with enough (the Temple twice, dealing with the Romans, wars over and over, groups of them killed and intolerance for so many of them. It is wrong. I'm only 160 pounds, buzzed my hair and apparently have a heat disorder (caused around the hands and feet, no longer my feet though). Why do I post this? Mostly to tell the truth and to be honest. Honesty seems to be dying for many, but it's most certainly not gone. College is great if one can afford it. I can't worry about religions or mythic anymore, no, I like science. That's about all, I have been doing much more art (the only given talent I have, and I hope to post it online. Have a good day. I have given nearly everything I own and hope that during that cold some less fortunate people had clothes and some shelter. As for Lint, total time on computers was only around 3 or 4 hours in a month. Till then, have a great day.

The Holocaust by the way was the worst offense I have ever heard of, the actions done to people in general are good and bad, but nothing like this. By the way, I believe the website thegreateststorynevertold is simply propaganda, nothing more. Again, I may be wrong, who knows anymore. I'm sorry if I offended anyone with the information I have said, please forgive me, and please have a good day.

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