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  • Ne Pas Mourire
    Ne Pas Mourire A song I was requested to write and sing for a documentary of the same name in Rome on the life of refugees in Italy...Ne Pas Mourire (french) means Not to dye (I have choosen not to die but to live)...What else???
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  • Lepihè la'a
    Lepihè la'a Lepih means cola nut (in Yemba one of my mother tongues) a local popular fruit in all the Bamiléké land in the western Cameroon. It is shared in special occasions like while receiving a guest and it is a way to welcome him or her. The song is an invite to share our differences and to not let them not part us away. We are all rich of our defferences. Money is good only if it brings along happiness otherwise...
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  • NZELA by Pele Mu Magne
    NZELA by Pele Mu Magne NZELA is a tribute all women and must especially to all hard working african ladies. NZELA means light in Swahili language and daylight in my mother tongues yemba and ghomala'a from the Bamiléké land in the western Cameroon.
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