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We’re just shells of people, hollow inside
We’re afraid of the stars when they come out at night
Heads full of straw, hearts full of lust
We’re addicted to chasing cheap imitations

There aren’t colors here; the shapes have no form
We bow our heads to hide our eyes from the sun
In a dead cactus land, broken glass on the ground
Stone images raised that can make no sound

We have cloaked ourselves in deliberate disguise
We look at the world through sightless eyes
Valley of dying stars, the only hope there could be
If our eyes were restored, if they were taught to see

Creation, deception, conception and then
The King came to dwell among the hollow men
Like a beautiful rose out of dry desert land
Love came to dwell and love had a plan

The king became hollow, poured out his life
The hollow men wondered if justice had died
But, no, justice met mercy and met with a kiss
The valley of dying stars was restored like this

So hollow men stop your searching; lift up your eyes
The King is arisen to give you new sight
A new decree now is given, written in blood
For Thine is the Kingdom, purchased by love


My favorite poem of all time is The Hollow Men by T S Eliot. It is a haunting tale of hollow, empty people who are so close to obtaining eternal life but just barely miss it. They realize their salvation lies in Someone outside of themselves, but fail to reach out and accept it. I interpret the “multifoliate rose” to be Jesus Christ and I believe that He is the only hope of hollow men. The following poem is my response to Eliot’s The Hollow Men, in which I use excerpts of his poem to write a more hopeful account in which salvation is available to all hollow men. My own experience as a hollow, shell of a person, along with my experience of accepting this salvation inspired this poem.

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