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Blazing tracks and a truly unique MC, dig deeper into Negus' ( formerly known as Mitch Millz) music and discover something far more meaningful than just a song to bop your head to. Negus' metaphorical wordplay and polished writing seems extremely natural with his ability to create that feel good/ conscious music. Negus create music for the hardships of the struggle, from his newest release “No Mans Land”, which currently has over 7k+ views on Youtube, dispersing a head bobbing tune produced by Kelly Portis with a vicious lyrical delivery. There is an underlying theme in all the songs that make Negus unique, compared to other artist of this generation, with well thought out lyrics carried by an infectious track, its no mission impossible to spew an enticed sound to hip hop. Negus is a very mature artist making very mature music and his chances of making it onto bigger terrain is highly probable, owing to the fine caliber of material he has to offer. Proper planning and persistent marketing have sprung a strong online presence for Negus (Mitch Millz) on digital music and social networking sites, building a dedicated following that will potentially continue increasing. Born as a native of Paterson, NJ in the dawn of February 24, 1985, Negus (formerly known as Mitch Millz), now residing in Atlanta, GA, as a child , absorbed all the best musical elements of the 90’s. Equipped with a great sense of rhythm and distinct writing skills,his music bring out character and emotion that separate him from most artist of this era. Negus sound started forming after discovering the gift of writing poetry at the age of 12 and composing beats at 16. He has since then, developed into an outstanding musician, with his distinctive hi hat/ snare and sampling techniques, followed by witty punch lines. Some of the major influences he declared are Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, KRS One, Rakim, Big Pun and Big L. Stay tuned and listen closely or you may miss out on the newest wave on the market!!!!! Hip Hop’s Resurrection............NEGUS

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  • Man Down
    Man Down Peace Kings and Queens! On a day so monumental in these trying times....men and women in the masses, no matter race, character or creed, marched for their beliefs to bring a halt to unjust durress. I think its only right that I release this track due to the subject matter. Please Like/Share/Comment or whatever it takes to get the message across. Thanks for the love and support!!!?
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  • No Mans Land
    No Mans Land © 2015 Slum City Entertainment. Produced by: Kelly Portis. Recorded @ Black Room Studios (Atlanta, GA). Engineered by: Ghostman
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  • K.K.K. (Prod. by: Jonez Beats)
    K.K.K. (Prod. by: Jonez Beats) This song was inspired by the struggles our leaders went thru to equal our rights and touches on how things still remain in the minds of the man. This is nothing racist towards any other culture, but only the blind will be mad that they cant see truth. Recorded @ Black Room Studios-Atlanta, GA. ©2015 Slum City Entertainment
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  • The Invitation ft. Fnes
    The Invitation ft. Fnes You dont know what you missing if you dont spazz on the Shady 2.0 cipher beat at least once. Recorded @ Black Room Studios-Atlanta, GA. ©2015 Slum City Entertainment
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