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    Radio Mitre LR6 Radio Mitre is an am radio station in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is owned or operated and controlled by Grupo Clarín. It was first built on August 16, 1925 beneath the name of The Country Transmitting LOZ. At the time of the federal government of Juan Domingo Perón, it was nationalized and ultimately re-privatized in October 1983. In 1985, it relocated to its recent service in 2668 Mansilla, Recoleta. It is obtained by Grupo Clarín in 1992. Communicates on 790 kHz AM. There is a consultant of the radio in the city of Cordoba called Mitre 810. You can listen this radio station : https://onlineradiotune.com/radio-mitre-790-buenos-aires-argentina/
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