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Asiimwe Innocent popularly known as Mr vybs is a media personality, rapper, deejay and writer in western Uganda.

Early life
He was born at Kagongo hospital in Ibanda on Friday, May 20th 1994 to Mbabazi Lawrence and Mary Mbabazi of Kabambiro, In Kamwenge district (western Uganda). Mr vybs is Ugandan mixed blood with a munyarwanda dad and mom from Kabale in south western Uganda. He is the second born of three, making him the middle boy. He grew from a musical family as mama was engaged much in church singing and his elder brother is a Kiga flow rapper in western Uganda.

Mr vybs attended to Kabambiro primary school in 2001, and dropped just after the first term. He rejoined the year after and completed P.7 at Kabambiro primary school in 2008. After completing his seven years at Kabambiro primary school, he joined Kabambiro secondary school for two O level years and later completed UCE and UACE at St Thomas Aquinas college in 2012 and 2014 respectively.
He later joined Kampala international university, but left it for one week because of financial dearth. He moved to Ibanda and joined Ibanda University. He completed his three years at Ibanda University in May 2018 and is waiting for October graduation.

Music life
Mr vybs began music as a lyrical street rapper. Though he says he is not in music. Most of the themes in his songs revolve around his life, lifestyle, experiences, love and other social issues.
Mr vybs released his first audio composition "Secret love" with Matcom records in 2016. Secret love according to Mr vybs on Crooze FM’s interview was derived from the feelings the rapper had on Anna Katwine a socialite, stylist who was a campuser by then.
Though the song did not generate any "Top 100" hits, secret love was liked by a few who would embrace the new genre in the land. Local artists like Dokta Billy lo and Ketty Asoka having pointed to it as a true hip-hop and love inspiring song.
2days after studio, Mr vybs premiered Secret love on Crooze FM “The Lounge” show with Dorothy Mukunde and Riddim Selecta spinning. Dorothy couldn't believe that such a product could be from Ibanda University. In September 2017, the Belise hit maker Dr Billy lo decided to Mr vybs for a collabo and the two hit the studio and released Omwishiki wangye. Three weeks after, the duo shot the video and, yeah sold pounds in the town.

Crooze fm had November love in 2016. Mr vybs was inspired by the spinning from Dj Frankie and wrote a song. A year later, Mr vybs featured Mbararas hip-hop scratching deejay in “Superstar” song and received air plays in local radios.
Fefe Bussi initiates the “Who is who” thing in a diss to fellow rappers in the game. Western Uganda was blessed to have a few to reply to the diss song, and Mr vybs released “Who are they”. Mr vybs says that the song asks the rappers who want to fake real HipHop. The song too was embraced and western Uganda is feeling the beats.

Media life.

Rapping aint a game the Kabambiro product is meant to do. He started media practice even before birth. He loved radio and the dream was favorable that even with family against it and him controlling it, he ended up in media practice. He is the CEO at Street Magazine, an online publication that broadcasts entertainment and lifestyle. After three years of education and with his online prowess, Voice of Kamwenge used a chance of having him for industrial training and helped in Social media management and online content uploading. He is currently at Voice of Kamwenge pushing for its online gigs.

He is 24 and unmarried thou focused on Sarah Kyosimire where he looks future. Sarah is a third year education student at Metropolitan International University-Kampala and she’s from Kamwenge.

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