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  • Hain Subse madhur Woh Geet - a Talat Mehmood song
    Hain Subse madhur Woh Geet - a Talat Mehmood song What a lovely song, nothing but a piece of advice by Shailendra Ji. He explains how beautiful are those songs we sing in a sad melody and how when happiness exceeds our expectation we begin to cry. What a time that was when pain was considered more friendly than happiness. I am very passionate about Talat Mehmood songs. I hope you enjoy my cover. I covered in on a Meragana track that I rejuvenated by adding some instruments but mixing them subtly so they don't sound an addition but attain some depth. Original Singer: Talat Mehmood Music Directors: Shankar-Jaikishan Lyricist: Shailendra Film: Patita (1953)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:24 75 0 Downloads 21 Comments
  • Gaata Rahe Mera Dil - a Kishore Kumar song
    Gaata Rahe Mera Dil - a Kishore Kumar song Very famous song. Attempted it many years ago. Sharing it with you all. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: S.D. Burman Lyricist: Shailendra Film: Guide 1965
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:58 85 0 Downloads 20 Comments
  • Sur Na Sajen Kya Gaoon Main - a Manna Dey song
    Sur Na Sajen Kya Gaoon Main - a Manna Dey song I have only sung a few of Mannada songs because most of his songs are in high pitch but this one I liked very much and tried on a transposed track. An excellent semi-classical type song that became very popular too. After checking my archive I found I sang this one after getting inspiration from Madhukar Mehta Sahab. In the original film version Manna Dey sang Saje and JooTHe while recording this song. Perhaps no body pointed out these diction errors to him but he figured it out later and sang these words Sajen and Jhoote correctly in his own covers. Dedicating this cover to Santanudas who had requested me a few weeks ago to share a Manna Dey song. Hope you all enjoy listening this cover in my style. Original Singer: Manna Dey Music Directors: Shankar-Jaikishan Lyrics: Shailendra Film: Basant Bahar 1956
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:03 96 0 Downloads 30 Comments
  • Geet Gata Hoon Main - a Kishore Kumar song
    Geet Gata Hoon Main - a Kishore Kumar song Today: 04 Aug 2019 Dedicating my Kishore Kumar tribute to all of my friends here on Yourlisten. Had Kishoreda been alive he would have been 90 years. He was born 4th Aug 1929 in Khandwa, Central Provinces, British India...Present day Madhya Pardesh, India. What a soul, what a character he was. Absolutely brilliant singer who changed the way how singers used to sing during the very early period of Indian Cinema. He brought in the element of Manoranjan through his voice and singing and made films more appealing to the public. I adored his Macho style in almost all of his songs no matter it was a fun song or a sad song. He maintained his dignity. This song I found to be slightly more Macho, a bit more intense and in my most favorite beat Waltz. Beautifully penned and composed song that became one of my favorite since the 70's. Hope friends enjoy my cover. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Directors: Shankar-Jaikishan Lyricist: Dev Kohli Film: Lal Patthar 1971
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:31 90 0 Downloads 24 Comments
  • Aaj Iss Khat Mein Nayi Baat - a non filmi Rafi song
    Aaj Iss Khat Mein Nayi Baat - a non filmi Rafi song This one is specially for you Praveen. Today 31 July 2019 is Rafi Sahab's Death Anniversary and Praveen was expecting that I would upload a Rafi song as a tribute to him on his Barsi. He shared this Rafi Sahab's picture and one other rare picture which I had never seen before. I am glad he made me not forget Rafi Saab and lucky me that I had one special song that I had never shared here before. This is a non-filmi song hope you all will enjoy. Presenting this as my tribute to the legend. Original Singer: Mohammad Rafi Music: Maqbool Iqbal Hussain Lyrics: Aish Kanwal Album: Jan-e-Ghazal (Released by Saregama in 1999)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:02:52 81 0 Downloads 21 Comments
  • Batein Ye Kabhi Na Tu Bhoolna - an Arijit Singh song
    Batein Ye Kabhi Na Tu Bhoolna - an Arijit Singh song I am so excited to share my version of cover for this song. I liked this song when I mixed it for Wazif who shared not too long ago. Later Saroj Behen and Santanu also shared their versions and I got very much inspired to sing it despite knowing that it is beyond my vocal abilities to reach such highs in the song. When I listened Wazif covering it I much appreciated a grammatical correction which he had made from Tere Khatir to "Teri Khatir". I made one too from Ye Humse Ho Jaaye Ajnabi to Ya Humse Ho Jaaye Ajnabi. Regardless of such changes; the melody, the story in the song, and that modern soofi touch blending Titanic Movie style flute and almost an entirely keyboard track production made it very appealing to me. Also excited because I sang something after 4 months of gap. Hope you enjoy this song one more time in my cover. Original Singer: Arijit Singh Mucic: Jeet Gannguli Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri Film: Khamoshiyan (2015)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:47 101 0 Downloads 30 Comments
  • Haal-e-Dil Aaj Hum Sunayenge - a Masud Rana song
    Haal-e-Dil Aaj Hum Sunayenge - a Masud Rana song This time sharing a Pakistani song that was sung by Masud Rana almost 50 years ago. A typical Pakistani oldie film song that is a blend of Urdu lyrics and Punjabi folk tunes modernized to blend in with the era of the 70's. Even today such music is created from folk songs but is modernized so much so that it sounds more of Western music than Punjabi. Even this karaoke was created post 2005, a period when many keyboard players started making their own karaoke versions of popular songs hence you will hear keyboard sounds instead of real instruments but good enough to sing and enjoy such songs. Re-sharing it almost after over a decade when I had shared it on eSnips. Hope you enjoy this song. Original Singer: Masud Rana Music: M. Ashraf Lyrics: Kaleem Usmani Film: Chiragh Kahan Roshni Kahan (1971)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:18 80 0 Downloads 15 Comments
  • Kaise Kategi Zindagi - a Rafi song
    Kaise Kategi Zindagi - a Rafi song Presenting another Rafi Sahab-Madan Mohan song that to me feels similar in nature to the one I shared last week. Though there is not much info about this song other than that it was an unreleased song. I have my own reasons to believe that Madan Mohan Ji created two songs for a particular situation, one in Gm (Aapke Pehlu Main) and this one in G for film Mera Saya (1966). If I were the Producer (Lol…) I would have not released this movie (or whatever movie it was supposed to be in) without having been included. Also it makes me think as to how much abundance of such classic music was at their disposal that they could let go such a heart touching song. As for Madan Mohan Ji, he was a Master in himself. It is relatively easier to bring in a sad melody with minor chords but he proved it that he could equally create same mood by employing a Major chord. The composers were lucky to have singers like Rafi Sahab who could bring about any mood with as much simplicity or complexity as needed. The track here is a beauty even though its accompaniment seems to be generated through a keyboard, but violin is just superbly played. My salute to the musician who played violin in such sad mode. The ending however was not as good as the accompaniment guitar kept sounding even after the last Tabla beat, so I tried to fix it to some extent. Presenting this cover with the hope that it will revive some of the old memories among friends and praise for the Maestros.
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:28 76 0 Downloads 24 Comments
  • Aapke Pehlu Mein Aakar Ro Diye - a Rafi song
    Aapke Pehlu Mein Aakar Ro Diye - a Rafi song I am sharing a very beautiful and melodious song I am sure we must all be familiar with already. This song was also sung by Madan Mohan himself and recorded most likely for demonstration purposes, and when I listened Rafi Sahab's version I fell in love with it and amazed at how everything changes when a God gifted singer like Rafi sings the same song. Here is my humble effort hope you enjoy it too. Original Singer: Mohammad Rafi Music Composer: Madan Mohan Lyricist: Raja Mehdi Ali Khan Film: Mera Saya (1966)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:42 111 0 Downloads 21 Comments
  • Pyar Ke Iss Khel Mein - a Kishore Kumar song
    Pyar Ke Iss Khel Mein - a Kishore Kumar song One of my favorite Kishore Kumar song that is so vibrant, playful and energetic and almost similarly it was filmed too on Dharmendra. I think I sang it and forgot about it as I don't remember ever sharing it before. That must be the time I was blessed enough to sing cover songs one after the other. It's quite a macho song that I enjoyed singing very much. Hope you do too. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: S.D. Burman Lyricist: Anand Bakhshi Film: Jugnu 1973
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:43 64 0 Downloads 16 Comments
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