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  • Kaise Kategi Zindagi - a Rafi song
    Kaise Kategi Zindagi - a Rafi song Presenting another Rafi Sahab-Madan Mohan song that to me feels similar in nature to the one I shared last week. Though there is not much info about this song other than that it was an unreleased song. I have my own reasons to believe that Madan Mohan Ji created two songs for a particular situation, one in Gm (Aapke Pehlu Main) and this one in G for film Mera Saya (1966). If I were the Producer (Lol…) I would have not released this movie (or whatever movie it was supposed to be in) without having been included. Also it makes me think as to how much abundance of such classic music was at their disposal that they could let go such a heart touching song. As for Madan Mohan Ji, he was a Master in himself. It is relatively easier to bring in a sad melody with minor chords but he proved it that he could equally create same mood by employing a Major chord. The composers were lucky to have singers like Rafi Sahab who could bring about any mood with as much simplicity or complexity as needed. The track here is a beauty even though its accompaniment seems to be generated through a keyboard, but violin is just superbly played. My salute to the musician who played violin in such sad mode. The ending however was not as good as the accompaniment guitar kept sounding even after the last Tabla beat, so I tried to fix it to some extent. Presenting this cover with the hope that it will revive some of the old memories among friends and praise for the Maestros.
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  • Aapke Pehlu Mein Aakar Ro Diye - a Rafi song
    Aapke Pehlu Mein Aakar Ro Diye - a Rafi song I am sharing a very beautiful and melodious song I am sure we must all be familiar with already. This song was also sung by Madan Mohan himself and recorded most likely for demonstration purposes, and when I listened Rafi Sahab's version I fell in love with it and amazed at how everything changes when a God gifted singer like Rafi sings the same song. Here is my humble effort hope you enjoy it too. Original Singer: Mohammad Rafi Music Composer: Madan Mohan Lyricist: Raja Mehdi Ali Khan Film: Mera Saya (1966)
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  • Pyar Ke Iss Khel Mein - a Kishore Kumar song
    Pyar Ke Iss Khel Mein - a Kishore Kumar song One of my favorite Kishore Kumar song that is so vibrant, playful and energetic and almost similarly it was filmed too on Dharmendra. I think I sang it and forgot about it as I don't remember ever sharing it before. That must be the time I was blessed enough to sing cover songs one after the other. It's quite a macho song that I enjoyed singing very much. Hope you do too. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: S.D. Burman Lyricist: Anand Bakhshi Film: Jugnu 1973
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  • Pyasa Hai Mun Kya Karun - Hindi version by Hariharan
    Pyasa Hai Mun Kya Karun - Hindi version by Hariharan A beautiful Salilda melody that was sung first by Manna Dey in Malayalam language and later sung by Hariharan in Hindi. Here I am Copy/Pasting my description that I had written when I shared it on Muziboo several years ago. "Thank you so much Saroj Sister for asking me to sing this lovely melody that was created by Salilda and sung by Manna Dey in Malayalam . The song was Maanasa Maine Varoo. Later it was also sung by Hariharan but in Hindi. Thank you sister for sending me this beautiful karaoke track and providing input on Hindi lyrics too. I think her request came from knowing the fact how much I appreciate and enjoy Salilda’s work. The track was excellent but it missed the flute intro and repetition of Mukhda as in Hariharan’s version. This is quite a unique melody and needed a repetition in mukhda for listener to make complete sense and enjoy how this melody is structured. I am happy to have sung (covered) first Hariharan’s song and hope friends will too enjoy this beautiful selection" Original singer: Manna Dey Hindi version: Hariharan Music by: Salil Choudhury Film: Chemeen Lahren
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  • Pichli Yaad Bhula Do - a Kishore Kumar song
    Pichli Yaad Bhula Do - a Kishore Kumar song One of a rare songs of Kishore Kumar that I am re-sharing maybe after 9-10 years. I still have the archived version of the Muziboo page where most of you had listened and commented. But it's too long a time and I wanted to refresh those memories...though the song says Pichli Yaad Bhula Do...lol. I remember Wazif shared this track with me. What a time that was when only close friends would share the karaoke tracks. Such songs were so precious to us that people considered their karaokes as their bought property. You could not ask just anybody to share their karaoke. That was also the time when I used to love to enhance the karaoke tracks in which I found dubbing a few instruments over existing tracks will make them more appealing and result in a better mix. If you hear a rather subdued instrument inside the track like Piano or Strings, you can figure out where did I dubbed the instrument. This process was much harder than singing the song itself but it was a very good process to learn the song and develop my own style of singing. Hope you enjoy my cover. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Composer: Khaiyyam Sharma Lyrics: Verma Malik Film: Mehndi (1982)
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  • Woh Tere Pyar Ka Gham - a Mukesh song
    Woh Tere Pyar Ka Gham - a Mukesh song This is one of my favorite songs of Mukesh. I love it's melody and lyrics, especially the lines in first antara...Ye Na Hota To Koi Doosra Gham Hpona Thaa and Muskurata Bhi Agar To Chhalak Jaati Nazar. Beautiful poetry by Anand Bakhshi Ji. Hope you enjoy it as well. Original Singer: Mukesh Music Director: Dan Singh Lyricist: Anand Bakhshi Film: My Love 1970
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  • Kal Chaudhvin Ki Raat Thi - a Jagjit Singh song
    Kal Chaudhvin Ki Raat Thi - a Jagjit Singh song Sharing my cover for one of my favorite geet/nazm sung by Jagjit Singh. It is a beautiful poetry by Ibn-e-Insha. Almost every verse of this nazm was worth singing and whenever I got the opportunity to sing this nazm with friends in mehfil I always sang in its entirety. With keyboard in my hand I could do that, but here with a track I choose versus that this track was made upon. Hope you enjoy this cover. Original Singer/Composer: Jagjit Singh Poet: Ibn-e-Insha
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  • O' Maajhi Re - a Kishore Kumar song
    O' Maajhi Re - a Kishore Kumar song Very popular song no need for any introduction. All I now remember about this cover is that a Tamil singer friend Shrini from Muziboo days requested I should sing this song. I told him it's a beautiful song but it is very difficult and tough for me. He not only insisted but encouraged me and sent me this track. I added the water sound and fixed the end and sang over it. Hope you enjoy my cover. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: R.D. Burman Lyricist: Gulzar Film: Khushboo 1975
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  • Chain Se Humko Kabhi - Aasha Bhosle song
    Chain Se Humko Kabhi - Aasha Bhosle song A beautiful and a very sentimental song that I admired since I first listened it on radio some 45 years ago. I often to to sing for my own pleasure on keyboard but back in 2012 I found it's keyboard like track, brought into its original scale, edited some portions for continuity and added piano notes in between lyrics segments for my delight and sang on it. An already tough song for it's sustains and ending lines became even tougher to sing on this lower tempo track but I tried to manage some how. Hope you all listen and enjoy this female (but not gender biased) song in my voice. Original Singer: Aasha Bhosle Music Director: O.P. Nayyar Lyricist: S.H. Bihari Film: Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye (1973)
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  • Mujhe Haq Hai - Duet with Adina
    Mujhe Haq Hai - Duet with Adina A song from 2006 that was introduced to me by Adina in 2016 when we sang and recorded its cover. It was already shared by her but I felt like re-sharing it on my page too as I also like this song. Its music especially the arrangement is different from other Ravindra Jain's songs but is beautiful in music and lyrics. Despite carrying the tough segment in female parts this song was tough for me to capture much open throated singing style of Udit Narayan. Hope you listen and enjoy our cover. Original Singers: Shreya Ghoshal Udit Narayan Music & Lyrics: Ravindra Jain Film: Vivah 2006
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