Be A Great Trading Loser
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In it to win it! Without question, every single person reading this is trading to be a winner. After all, who enjoys losing in anything?

Sure, society has turned to participation medals just for showing up and it doesn’t even matter if you actually gave any effort. In the end though, being number one is what it’s all about and there is only one gold medal available.

Watch the sadness on the faces of players in the NFL who come second place in the Superbowl.

Look at the body positions of NHL players who end up watching the other team parade the Stanley Cup.

Losing hurts.

Looking at trading, you will either win/lose/draw and most people will say they love their winners but hate their losers. Trading losses not only means you were wrong on a particular trade (I will get to that) but it also took away the commodity we all need to place a trade: Money. When our account runs dry, so does our trading business. - READ MORE

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