Boost the Accuracy of any Trading Indicator
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Technical indicators are part and parcel of the world of trading and are here to stay.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common to find that the indicator that you thought would work really well as either an entry trigger or filter, starts to let you down.

Whilst we’d all love to have a foolproof way to tell us when the best time to take a trade (or exit one) might be, over the long run this is a tough thing to achieve on its own.

However, with a bit of thought it is possible to boost the accuracy of any trading indicator.


Before we get to how to pinpoint when your indicator is likely to be giving you a reliable read on the market, it’s necessary to consider the origins of indicators. What makes up all technical indicators is fundamentally the same – they are derived from a combination of price, time and volume from trades which have already occurred. - Read more

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