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When I hear from traders, which generally means emails about trading success, there are a few things I am in tune with. These “things” help to make it is easy to spot the ones who are worth the effort (in my humble opinion) to spend the time responding with a well thought out response to whatever questions they have asked.

Which leads me to state that it is the questions that are asked that determine my response level.

When I see questions such as “how much do you make”, “is it easy to trade” or questions along those lines, I personally tune out. Those types of questions will have answers that will have nothing to do with your ability to find any level of success trading.

Much preferred are questions about risk. I like those questions because keeping your eye on risk can help ensure some longevity in this business. In fact, describing yourself as a risk manager first will help you keep the importance of risk management in the front of your mind. Without a professional approach to managing your risk capital and trade management, the risk of ruin will always be lurking in the shadows.

The questions asked however are only a part of the equation of trading success.

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