Stop Trading Indicator Madness
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If you are still in the mindset that tossing any trading indicator on your charts is the correct route, you are no doubt still looking for trading success.

Does that mean that indicators such as moving averages and MACD have no place in trading?

Absolutely not.

What it does mean is that while an indicator can assist you in making educated trading decisions, they are not the final cog in the success wheel.

Going further, it’s how you use them to assist you is truly what makes them useful.

Too Many Wasted Hours

We’ve all been down the road (most of us anyhow) where we spent far too much time trying out different indicators and settings that before we knew it, there was a lot of time in the rear view mirror.

That was time wasted that would have been better spent learning about the mechanics of the moves of the markets.

What actually makes price move (imbalances) and the structures that it forms would have been a better learning curve to tackle.

Instead we looked for the perfect setting on that perfect indicator that timed perfectly with a small data set of turning points on the chart (using historical data of course).

We then looked to find a combination of indicators that all lined up at the same time and gave us that perfect trade setup.

You set about trading your “system” only to find out it didn’t stand up to the real world live markets.

Wasted time.

Lets move on from the madness.

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