The Real Cost Of Trading
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Trades and losses go together like peanut butter and jam. Like cookies and milk. Having one without the other is virtually impossible. Ok, maybe you don’t care for the food combo but in trading, you can’t go without taking a loss and it is fruitless to even try. Most lose and that is a fact.

The losses though can end up being much more than monetary.

I get the privilege of chatting with traders during the week. While I enjoy it, I do get to hear some pretty hard stories. Lost jobs. Brink of bankruptcy. Sick family member. The reasons people enter the trading arena are varied but at the end of it all, money is the key factor.

Some of the words I hear are “I must”, “No choice”, “Last hope” and a few other demanding type of phrases. It is worrisome.

The facts are in….

You are more likely to fail. Yes, YOU. Can trading be taught? Certainly. Can everybody learn? You bet. Can most succeed? Clearly not and the reasons…..the hard cold facts… the reason is you. Period. Some are just not cut out mentally for the challenges of trading.

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