What If Your Pullback Trade Fails To Set Up?
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What If Your Pullback Trade Fails To Set Up?

Trading pullbacks is a time tested way of zeroing in on locations to trade. Whether you are using support and resistance, trend lines, moving averages, or even Fibonacci retracements, trading pullbacks is a viable part of trading setups that you can use.

Pullback trading is based on the natural ebb and flow price action of any trading instrument. Whether you are day trading or swing trading, it is a sound approach and one that fits one of two major things that a market does:

Markets have a tendency to mean revert
Markets have a tendency to consolidate
Pullback trading zeros in on the mean reversion tendency so by using pullbacks as part of a trading strategy, traders are utilizing the mechanics of a market.

But what if a market doesn’t pull back to your desired trading location?

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