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Three sisters - one passion! NexusGen Radio is podcast that believes in the power of the individual and the impact that one person can make to change the world! We believe in the power of the voice - no not the Skyrim kind of voice - but the one that comes forth from within! No matter how small your voice needs to be heard! We are the Voice of the Unheard! <br />
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Join sisters Saki, Meiko, and Tenshi as they share interviews with some cool characters, some out of this world music, news, and talk about the things that matter to YOU! Welcome to the NexCrew!

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  • Sisters Unite! Part 1
    Sisters Unite! Part 1 Raw, random, and real - the three words used to describe a glimpse into the Matsuri girls' conversations. Kick back and enjoy as you work, exercise, or lay around on the couch! And if you enjoyed part one, tune in later on this week for the rest of the show!
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  • Something On Saki's Mind
    Something On Saki's Mind On this mini show, Saki has apparently had enough of cosplay bullying. Listen in as she tells, more like rants, about her perspective on bullying within the cosplay community. *Playlist (in no certain order)* Kiss Kiss - Cashmere Cat (Lido Remix) With You - Cashmere Cat
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  • Let's Play Catch Up!
    Let's Play Catch Up! The sisters are back and ready to share some fun news with you! So tune in and let's welcome the Matusri Sisters back to the world NexCrew!
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