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  • Avaaram poovu aarezhu naalaa!!!!
    Avaaram poovu aarezhu naalaa!!!! Avaaram poovu aarezhu naalaa!!!! A K Track with magnificent singing of Maya patma sister!! Thanks to her!!! Avaaram poovu(Avaaram flower is waiting for about six or seven days!!! Seeing your going path..Why my tip nose is sweated! --- A rough meaning of beginning line to understand my other linguistic friends! A Beautiful Village Melody and romantic song from the movie “”Achamillai Achamillai”” 1984 composed by V. S. Narasimhan,who has given many hit songs ! P.Susheela, S.P.Balasubramaniam, Lyrics Vairamuthu
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  • Mayilirage!!!! mayilarage!!!!
    Mayilirage!!!! mayilarage!!!! Mayilirage!!!! mayilarage!!!! O peacock feather!!! O peacock feather!!! You are caressing me gently!!! That’s the song, its composition is unique by ARR, and he mingles south Indian Ketti Melam and western drums!!! I used like this very much, our Thanvi bala sister very cute in this track!!! I owe my sincere thanks Thanvi bala sister!!! Now days, we are not seeing any upload from her, I wish she should do uploading soon here!!! Movie: Aa Aah (2005) Anbe Aaruyire 2005 Singers: Madhushree, Naresh Iyer, Lyrics: Vaali, Music: AR Rahman, ...
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  • panikatre !!!panikatre!!!run moives left out song!
    panikatre !!!panikatre!!!run moives left out song! just ..dusting this account after a bit gap…with . Panikkatre Panikkatre… Run movies left out song" the females singer voice is so attracted ,I did cut vocal to.retain the original singer voice!! Run (2002 film) "Panikkatre Panikkatre… Run movies left out song" Music by Vidyasagar lyrics thaamarai.
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  • Andha Maanai Parungal!!
    Andha Maanai Parungal!! “antha manai parungal aazhagu..by sister Maya padma!!! Andaman means “that deer” in Tamil also means Andaman and Nicobar Islands! Andaman Kadhali (Andaman Lover)is a Tamil movie , story set up, filmed in Andaman land !! The songs starting line is double meaning like … “antha manai parungal aazhagu”… See that deer(anthaman) is beautiful …is one See that anthaman(island) is beautiful is another one!!! Thanks sister Maya padma for this beautiful track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Detail: Andaman Kadhali (Andaman Lover) Music by M. S. Viswanathan Kannadasan Vani Jayaram, K. J. Yesudas
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  • kannalae kadhal kavithai!!!!
    kannalae kadhal kavithai!!!! kannale kadhal kavidhai!!!!! “With eyes she told love poem for me” that’s the beginging line of the song!!! Uploading quite after some times in my duet pages!!! This melodious song fascinates me of its rhythm and tune of IR!!!! The female singer must be poornima sister as I can easily recognize her sweet tonal vocal…. Anyway immense thanks to her! You will really like this melody, my dear friends!!!! Movie: Aathma Music: Ilayaraja lyrics: Valli Singer : K J Y, S Janaki Starcast: Raghuman,Gowthami
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  • kanne !!!Kaniye!!! Muththe!!! Maniye!!! Maya sister track!
    kanne !!!Kaniye!!! Muththe!!! Maniye!!! Maya sister track! kanne !!!Kaniye!!! Muththe!!! Maniye!!! Maya sister track!! oh my eyes!! oh ripen fruits! oh pearl! of my gem!! come near to me!!! That’s the beginning of this song! in the movie “Ragasiya Police 115” …heroine teaches playfully song lesson to hero! it was popular song in those time. How many people would remember this I dontknow!!! Ironically, in real life too Maya sister taught me singing lesson..hahah..!! I learnt from her method of singing songs, and she will be there always with her unstinted encouragements and directions on me as well everyone here! As we know, she is a famous professional singer in Malaysia as well great friend of our singing community, always supporting and encouraging with her k tracks!!!! God bless her ever in her all musical ventures! Movie Name : Ragasiya Police 115 Director(s) : M.S. Viswanathan Singer(s) : P Susheela,T M Soundarrajan
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  • Thoongatha Kanendru Ondru!!!!
    Thoongatha Kanendru Ondru!!!! Thoongatha Kanendru Ondru with melodious voice punnagai!!!! Unsleeping eye is one!! Spluttering comfort is another!! that’s the starting line of this song!!! ……………lovers thinking each other, without sleep, singing this song!!! a romantic song from Movie Name (1963) : Kungumam Lyricist kannadasn Music Director KV.Mahadevan Male Singer TM.Soundarrajan Female Singer P. Susheela
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  • enge en jeevane!!!!unnil kandane !!!!!
    enge en jeevane!!!!unnil kandane !!!!! engge en jeevane!!!!! unnil kandene!!!! “Where is my life….? I have found/seen that in you!!!! Ultimately, I have given myself to you!!!!” Very…..slow, gentle and melodious composition of IR , one can feel the romantic mood when it is listened ,....so much beautiful song! I always wanted to sing this song, that’s materialized by Hamsa madam! Thanks Hamsa madam for the track!!!!! Song: Enge En Jeevane Music: Ilayaraja Album: Uyarndha Ullam Artist (s): K.J.Yesudas, S.Janaki
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  • Thanthana, thanthana, thai maasam!!!!
    Thanthana, thanthana, thai maasam!!!! Thanthana, thanthana, thai maasam!!!! A duet page won’t complete without a duet by Hamsa sister duet!! This is a fine duet recently published by Hamsa sister which is my most favorite one…. Vidyasagar has done some magic in the music here ..listen and enjoy!! Movie Name : Thavasi Director(s) : Vidyasagar Singer(s) : Sadhana Sargam,K J Yesudoss
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  • Raah Main Unse Mulakat Ho Gayee-cute singing by sister Jaish
    Raah Main Unse Mulakat Ho Gayee-cute singing by sister Jaish Raah Main Unse Mulaqat Ho Gayi….-best voice of sister jayashrejee !!! This is favorite song ..when I heard from sister jayashrejee voice few month ago ..then off late I asked casually k track ..she gave and Permitted me to upload too…this is how this songs comes to me!! Enjoy her cute voice!! Thanks lot sister jayashrejee! Singer : Alka Yagnik - Kumar Sanu, Music Director : Anu Malik, Movie : Vijaypath (1994
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