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    OLDNOLA - DONALDSONVILLE new orleans pre-drugs, pre-Roe v Wade, pre-US federal govt (the BIG killer) was a hugely dynamic city. Still very interesting, of course. recorded donaldsonville louisiana february 2016
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  • NOCHAINS - donaldsonville
    NOCHAINS - donaldsonville I am no slave to linguistic demands of the left recorded february 2016 donaldsonville louisiana
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  • WARMING - donaldsonville
    WARMING - donaldsonville the wind and the cold...made me feel old...but warming up....spring on the way {sure, some chilly days ahead...but iss comin} recorded february 2016 donaldsonville, louisiana
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  • HEARTS01 - donaldsonville
    HEARTS01 - donaldsonville if not a proponent of something, good to stay put recorded february 2016 donaldsonville, louisiana
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    GREASED SKIDS - DONALDSONVILLE resistance builds backbone recorded february 2016 donaldsonville Louisiana
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  • INSIDE01 - donaldsonville
    INSIDE01 - donaldsonville time to get inside recorded february 2016 donaldsonville louisiana
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  • GOLDENRODS - donaldsonville
    GOLDENRODS - donaldsonville the willow trees are all bare the leaves will soon return but not for all the goldenrods, beginning to bloom tell us spring is near recorded february donaldsonville louisiana
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  • GUESSOK1 - donaldsonville
    GUESSOK1 - donaldsonville recorded february 2016 donaldsonville, louisiana
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  • KICK POS - donaldsonville
    KICK POS - donaldsonville We cannot let the left rule us, and destroy us, and steal from us.........steal our finances, morals, standards, self-determination, self-association, and to be complicit with enemies who would destroy us according to their religious beliefs, to flood us with those who would take resources and vote for big govt, to disallow the white man the rights of (IMO) GOD, by coercing miscegenation, affirmation, "equal pay", grants, quotas, "civil rights" (stealing OUR civil rights), to fund abortion and jail those who expose the bastards of PP, to run whites from the cities and even the country by forced integration, and with the complicit traitor media of the left, the lies of faux history (where those with no history are assumed to have been angels.....BS), and, when they can, they will outlaw freedom of speech and allowing us to protect ourselves with arms. IT IS PAST TIME TO SEPARATE FROM THE LEFT.
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  • LOW ODDS donaldsonville
    LOW ODDS donaldsonville recorded feb 2016
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