Our QualiTesters also leverage the experience and intellectual property in our industry-specific practices and core competencies, combining them with the right approach and tools to deliver end-to-end solutions. These SLA-assured, business outcomes-focused solutions deliver the optimal balance of cost vs. risk and enable our customers to deploy software they trust.

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  • Test Management
    Test Management In this episode, The Testing Show talks about auto makers stepping back from the robots and giving human beings a reconsideration. Do humans suffer a skill loss when automation is too heavily relied upon? Maybe adaptability is important after all. We are also joined by Kate Falanga of Huge, Inc. to discuss Test Management, the changing role of test mentorship in the testing team, and if there is a value to having a dedicated person to be a guide, mentor and potential BS diverter, and what happens when that person goes away?
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  • Testing in Scrum
    Testing in Scrum In this episode, recorded February 10, 2016, The Testing Show talks Super Bowl aftermath, analytics in sports and how accurate they are (or not), expectations and wild guesses, and the benefits of having a beginner’s mind to a situation and how that may give a person a better chance at seeing how things will turn out (it also shows pretty clearly who on the panel actually pays attention to football). We talk a bit about legacy systems and what happens when critical systems go down (the IRS being a prime example), and the fact that organizations with legacy apps are reorganizing around Scrum and Agile, not so much for new software development, but to help maintain and continue development on legacy systems. Can we do better? We think “yes”! Read more information about Test Automation.. http://www.qualitestgroup.com/solutions-overview/software-testing-services/test-automation-services/
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