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  • Unnamed Represents my hypeness for da summer :3 I am that happy right now.
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  • Dusk Till Dawn Remix
    Dusk Till Dawn Remix Remix of Dusk Till Dawn! Got some feedback from some close friends 'o mine and ya know...remixed it. Yeah lol.
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  • Dusk 'till Dawn
    Dusk 'till Dawn The first track released for our debut amateur album, Vulcan Dubstep. I actually made this without Cody knowing at all, though he may or may not be working on something as well...he's still getting used to the software. Noob. Heck, I am too; after all, I'm 14 and I've only used it for a couple weeks. But past all that, I hope you guys enjoy the song. Again, I made this using Music Maker Jam.
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  • Vulcan Dubstep
    Vulcan Dubstep Just a little track I made using an app called Music Maker Jam. The cover uses an image of a hand doing the Vulcan's Salute because my friend loves doing it and since he likes dubstep as well, I thought "Hey, why not just call this Vulcan Dubstep?" The credit of the sounds go to the creators of Music Maker Jam; all I did was create a unique track using some of the many (like, thousands) sounds they provide. I do not own or claim copyright to the Vulcan's Salute; I found a BW drawing of it and added some cool effects and filters, as well as the title I created. The idea of the Vulcan's Salute originated from the Star Trek franchise.
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